Dragon age origins crashing on startup

The timeless Dragon Age: Origins has been out for even more than a decade, so it’s not a surpincrease that it reflects multiple worries on the latest Windows 10. If DAO keeps crashing on your PC, don’t concern. We’ve put together some functioning fixes down listed below to acquire your game functions aacquire.

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Try these fixes

You could not should try them all. Simply work-related your means down until you uncover the one that does the trick.

Fix 1: Install all Windows updates

First you need to make sure your system is up to date. The latest system updays commonly tackle compatibility worries, so it can be a settle to your DAO crashing trouble.

Here’s exactly how to inspect for system updates manually:

On your key-board, push Win+I (the Windows logo vital and also the i key) to open up the Windows Settings application. Click Upday & Security.
Click Check for updates. Windows will certainly then downpack and install the easily accessible patches. It could take some time (up to 30 mins).

To confirm you’ve installedallthe device updays,repeat these stepstill it prompts “You’re as much as date” when you clickCheck for updates.

After updating your system, restart your COMPUTER and examine if Dragon Age: Origins crashes aget.

If this solve doesn’t help you, take a look at the following one below.

Fix 2: Lower in-game video settings

Dragon Age: Origins is an old game, so it’s most likely to have glitches on brand-new devices. According to some gamers, lowering the in-game video settings appears can sheight the crash. You can attempt this and check out if there’s any type of development.

Launch Dragon Age: Origins and open up Options.Navigate to the Video tab. Under the Detail area. set Graphics Detail, Anti-Aliasing and Texture Detail to the lowest worth. You have the right to additionally disable Frame-buffer effects.
Continue your game to see if it crashes aget.

If this method doesn’t give you luck, you have the right to take a look at the following one.

Fix 3: Update your graphics driver

One of the many prevalent causes of game crashes is a faulty or outdated graphics driver. If you don’t remember when was the last time you updated your graphics driver, definitely execute it currently as it might save you numerous trouble.

There’re mainly 2 means you deserve to update your graphics driver: manually or instantly.

Option 1: Update your graphics driver manually

If you’re a tech-savvy gamer, you have the right to spend some time updating your GPU driver manually.

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To carry out so, first visit the webwebsite of your GPU manufacturer:

Then search for your GPU model. Note that you have to only download the latest driver installer that’s compatible with your operating system. Once downloaded, open up the installer and also follow the on-display screen instructions to update.

Option 2: Upday your graphics driver immediately (Recommended)

If you don’t have actually the time, patience or computer skills to update your video vehicle drivers manually, you have the right to, rather, carry out it immediately withDriver Easy. Driver Easy will certainly automatically acknowledge your system and find the correct chauffeurs for your precise graphics card, and your Windows version, and also it will downfill and also install them correctly:

Run Driver Easy and also click theSdeserve to Nowswitch. Driver Easy will then sdeserve to your computer system and detect any kind of difficulty chauffeurs.

The Pro version of Driver Easycomes withcomplete technical support. If you require assistance, please contactDriver Easy’s support teamatsupport

Once you’ve mounted the latest GPU driver, reboot your COMPUTER and also examine if DAO crashes again.

If updating the graphics driver doesn’t speak the crash, you have the right to attempt the next solution.

Fix 4: Set the affinity ofDAOrigins.exe

Setting the affinity of DAOrigins.exe suggests running DAO on a single core. Some reported that in this case DAO appears to be running flawlessly. And the technique makes sense for a 10-year-old game.

Here’s how you deserve to try:

First launch Dragon Age: Origins.On your keyboard, push Ctrl+Shift+Esc at the very same time to open Task Manager.Navigate to the Details tab. Right-click DAOrigins.exe and also select Set affinity.
Make certain just one CPU is selected. Then click OK.
Rebegin you game and test the gameplay.

If this trick doesn’t aid, you can inspect out the next one below.

Fix 5: Run Dragon Age: Origins on DirectX 9

Some players said a workapproximately on Windows 10 to run DAO on DirectX 9. You can try the very same to collection the launch alternative in your game launcher.

For example, here’s exactly how to set the launch option on Steam.

In your Steam LIBRARY, best click Dragon Age: Origins and choose Properties.In the pop-up home window, under the LAUNCH OPTIONS area, click the input box and type or paste -dx9.
Launch Dragon Age: Origins and also examine if it crashes again.

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So these are the fixes for your Dragon Age: Origins crashing issue on Windows 10. If you have actually any kind of inquiries or principles, feel complimentary to jot them down in the comments below.