Driver power state failure windows 10 reddit

I simply use my lapheight for casual browsing, Lenovo Flex 3. But it unexpectedly BSoD’d me via the reasoning as a driver power state faientice, I attempt to rotate it on now however the monitor doesn’t light up either. I hear the fans running, caps lock light doesn’t rotate on though.

Is tright here some solution I’m missing or need to I simply take it to get fixed? I’m not really in the mood for cracking it open up and making it worse.

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I have actually the exact same difficulty, but in various problems. I developed PC 2 months earlier and also after reinstalling Windows 10 (it had problems, as always) I began to having actually this BSoD also :( I carry out not solve this trouble, however as soon as I tried to find solution I found on a man that give this solution:

"I determined a deal with. You'll need to go in your BIOS and change a power setting from "auto" to "max performance". The chauffeurs are actually not the issue."

Here is the attach to the post. This solution didn't help me, yet assisted this guy, so perhaps it will certainly assist you also. I hope it will certainly :) Good luck!

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