Ds4 not working with dark souls 3

Not yet discovered a definitive answer to this everywhere yet (a lot of locations I look is simply people having obstacle through InputMapper and also Steam...)

Does Dark Souls 3 on the COMPUTER have native assistance for a PS4 controller linked by USB? Or does this game NEED to have actually a 3rd party item of software program installed? (DS4Controller/InputMapper and so on.)

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PS4 controller acts prefer a DirectInput controller by default, which is being phased out because of Xinput being superior.While Dark Souls 3 can work-related via DInput (most games that assistance controllers likewise "support" DirectInput) controller, the butlots will be counter-intuitively mapped and it will not be an enjoyable experience.

Tbelow is no reason why you shouldn"t usage DS4Windows through a PS4 controller on PC though, as it emulates an xinput controller while also opening most customization options, like essential rebinding consisting of the touchpad, as well as lightbar color readjust at various battery levels, mouse simulation, and so on.



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