Dxgi error device hung fix

Does anyone know if devs forgot that? Since the game's launch and also also after the latest nvidia driver upday I'm still having that concern. Almost 2 months passed and for me (RTX 2080) the game is still unplayable, I obtained that crash favor 4 on 5 times Already tried eexceptionally driver variation from 417.35, no resolve. Does anyone else still have the concern prefer me?


Give this a shot. It’s a really easy resolve. This functioned for me and also multiple of my friends. Did this 3 weeks back and also not a solitary crash yet. Go to Apex settings in Origin and add +fps_max 60 in the launch options. Then start the game and also work up the worth in increments of 5 (ex. 60, 65, 70, 75) till the game crashes then go back to your many current worth. I went approximately 144 (I have 144hz monitor) and also has actually been flawmuch less because. Hope this works for you all!

I'll attempt this later, but anyway, even if this functions, it's exceptionally annoying considering that the game has actually virtually 2 months It's not normal that they haven't solved it yet

Driver version 418.91 addressed it for me and also for many type of others - 2080ti user right here.

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Do a DDU and also try to install those drivers.

I tried eincredibly driver version, from 417.35 to the latest 419.35, making eextremely time a clean installation through DDU. Eexceptionally time. Disabled GPU oc, CPU oc, free sync, g sync, graphic settings low, uninstall and reinstall the game on an SSD,... Nopoint appears job-related for me, and also of course I've got these crashes via Apex only

I haven’t played in a pair days yet last time I was playing, this was still a large trouble for me as well

By any kind of possibility execute any kind of of you have the gigabyte b450m ds3h mobo? I'm acquiring this error across many games and also platcreates. I'm certain it has something to carry out with directx in 1809 windows 10. This is super annoying I have actually tried both of my gpus fresh drivers for every little thing. System is: Ryzen 5 2600 Evga gtx 1660ti xc babsence Gigabyte b45m ds3h mobo 2x8gb ddr4 corsair vengeance lpx Corsair rm850x psu

All brand new through the most current vehicle drivers all about. This is so dumb.

Mine began aobtain with 425.31 released April 11, 2019! It was excellent for about a month until this brand-new driver.

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crashes contantly on my amd radeon hd 7900 series

it crashes my videodrivers and also regularly also crashes origin itself

Just had this happen again in my last complement, but it has just happened a handful of times, so not certain exactly how to recreate.

This fixes the RTX nvidia HUNG error.

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