Dxgi_error_device_removed divinity original sin 2

Hello tright here,Just bought DOS2 yesterday, and also I"ve been crashing eextremely single time I play. Whether it"s 5 mins in, or fifty percent an hour (Haven"t acquired previous that)I normally gain the DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED followed by Reason:DXGO_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG Now, I"ve searched Google and tried a few services, consisting of the regedit TdrLevel 0 trick. No luck.I"m at a loss, and I do not want to refund this game.Playing on GoG, 8700k no OC, 1070, latest video card drivers, 16 GB RAM.Please help.

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Check for any kind of programs you have actually that might attempt to apply an overlay to the game, choose overwolf or discord and also rotate them off. Same through any kind of alleged "game performance boosters" or something dubbed "gedosato" which someone recently uncovered that was making their game crash.Do a clean reinstall of video card vehicle drivers, perhaps?I assume you"ve tried some common solutions favor running as administrator (both steam, and also the game from the game directory), verify game papers etc.If not, if that does not assist, you can email supportdos2
vivaworldcup.info.com through a dxdiag report (WinKey-R, form in dxdiag and hit enter, then as soon as it finishes loading click on the "Save All Information..." switch and also save the report somewbelow handy). Also examine the "..Divinity Initial Sin 2DefEdin" folder for the gold.log file, and also if any type of "CrashDump" files are being created, zip a couple of current ones together to encompass also.

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Do you have actually this trouble through the Standard variation of the game, if you do not mind experimentation that for as much as an hour?Did you attempt shutting down all non-vital programs, etc, prior to beginning the game?One perkid via unstated DirectX errors (the game froze fairly than cash, and they couldn"t click the error message) found that it was brought about by Windows 10"s game mode notifications; disabling those addressed the problem.A couple of game updates earlier, one person reported acquiring this error on a monitor with a 144Hz refresh price, however could stop it limiting the game to 60FPS. That issue should be resolved, but you could attempt setting an FPS cap or lowering the game resolution or settings, to view if that renders a distinction (in early advancement builds, some human being in QA periodically acquired these errors once running multiple instances of the game, or running the editor and also game at the same time).You may have actually found these suggestions currently, but:A clean re-install of the graphics motorists may help. See right here or right here, for instance.Several human being have actually reported addressing this error by making use of MSI Afterburner (download page) to slightly underclock their graphics card; see right here ("lower both the "Core Clock" and "Memory Clock" options by roughly 100 (so they say -100). Apply and also cshed.").One perchild through an nvidia card reported that disabling G-Sync in their chauffeurs decreased the frequency of DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED crashes. Unfortunately, in that instance the trouble was hardware connected, and other games began crashing before the card died totally.Tright here are a pair D:OS EE topics on this error (it seems to be rarer in D:OS 2):DXGI ERROR Crash - turned WIN 10 conflict (reverting earlier to Win 8 avoided the problem)DXGI device removed error/CreateTexture2D failed (fixed by a clean reinstevery one of the video drivers)