Dying light has stopped working fix


Many type of players comsimple around Dying Light crashing. When launching this regimen, an error message pops up “Dying Light has stopped working”. If you are struggling to settle it, you concerned the appropriate location. This article of MiniTool explores several reliable troubleshooting methods.

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Dying Light is an excellent first-perchild activity survival game. Since it was released by Warner Bros in 2015, this game has actually attracted many players approximately the world. However, some customers encounter the Dying Light crashing concern.

Dying Light crashes at random intervals, which provides the game unplayable. Why Dying Light keeps crashing? This concern deserve to be led to by overclocking, problematic graphics card chauffeurs, and onboard sound device. Fortunately, this concern deserve to be solved by implementing some efficient techniques.


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Fix 1. Sheight Overclocking

Overclocking is regularly supplied to rate up the CPU or GPU processor, which can help enhance game performance. Sometimes, but, overclocking deserve to create instcapacity and power supply issues. So, we recommfinish protecting against overclocking while playing Dying Light.

Here’s a quick overview for you to soptimal overclocking:

Tip 1. Rebegin your computer and also push F2 or Delete key to enter BIOS once the manufacturer’s logo appears.

Tip 2. Navigate to the Advanced tab, and then pick Performance > Overclocking.

Tip 3. Disable the Overclocking alternative, save the transforms, and exit BIOS.

Now, you deserve to restart your computer and view if the Dying Light crashes worry still persists.

Fix 2. Roll Back or Upday Your Graphics Card Driver

If the Dying Light keeps crashing as shortly as you mounted the game, it may be caused by the outdated graphics card motorists. If the crashing trouble just occurs after you have actually updated graphics motorists, you need to roll earlier to its last version. To perform so, follow the steps below:

Tip 1. Right-click the Start food selection and select Device Manager from the elevated food selection.

Step 2. Expand the Display adapters category, and then right-click the graphics card driver and also select Properties.

Tip 3. Navigate to the Driver tab and click on Roll Back Driver. And then you have the right to follow the on-display screen prompts to finish this process.


Tip 4. If you desire to upday and install the latest graphics card driver, you have the right to click on Upday Driver in the Properties window. Then make sure you follow any kind of prompts to complete the upday.

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Fix 3. Reset the NVidia 3D Settings

This troubleshooting approach is suitable for the NVidia graphics card customers. Many individuals reported that reestablishing the 3D settings inside the NVidia Control Panel. Here you may have actually a try.

Tip 1. Right-click your desktop computer and select the NVidia Control Panel from the context food selection.

Tip 2. Inside the NVidia Control Panel, expand the 3D Settings category and also click on Manage 3D Settings.

Tip 3. In the pop-up home window, click on Rekeep Defaults at the top right corner. Then confirm any type of dialogs when motivated through.


Now, you have the right to watch if Dying Light crash on Startup after you reopen the game.

Fix 4. Disable the Onboard Sound Device

If you are using a default onboard sound gadget and also using one more playearlier tool at the very same time, you’d much better disable the onboard sound device. To do so, follow the steps below:

Tip 1. Right-click the Volume symbol at the bottom of the screen and also select Sounds from the conmessage menu.

Step 2. Locate the Playback tab and discover the sound gadget established by the standard driver, pick it and also click on Properties at the bottom.

Step 3. Next to the Device intake choice, select Don’t use this device (disable) from the drop-down food selection and click on OK to conserve the change.


Now, rebegin your computer and also inspect if the Dying Light crashing concern is fixed or not.

Fix 5. Recollection Your Windows PC

If all the over approaches fail to job-related, you may need to consider resetting your Windows COMPUTER. Reestablishing Windows have the right to help fix many type of crashing issues. Now, follow the measures listed below very closely.

Tip 1. Press the Success + I tricks to open the Settings window, and also then navigate to Upday & Security.

Step 2. Select the Recoextremely area at the left side and also click on Get began button under Recollection this COMPUTER area.

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Tip 3. In the Choose an alternative window, select the Keep my documents choice. This choice will certainly rerelocate your apps and settings yet save your personal papers.