Email says not enough memory

Original KB number: 2968387


When you expand also a mailbox or public folder (except for the Inbox) in Outlook or select Address Book on the toolbar, you may receive among the following errors:

Cannot display the folder. Tright here is not sufficient complimentary memory to run this routine. Quit one or more programs, and also then try aget.

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Cannot expand also the folder. There is not enough memory accessible to perform the procedure.

The deal with list can not be accessed. You need more memory or device sources. Cshed some windows and try aacquire.

When you get among these errors, outgoing mail might end up being stuck in the Outbox folder and may not be sent till you rebegin Outlook.


This difficulty occurs as soon as your Outlook messaging profile contains a Exreadjust account that is configured to usage Cached Exadjust Setting, the Downpack Public Folder Favorites choice is allowed, and you have lots of cached public folders. Normally, this difficulty occurs as soon as you have actually more than about 1,000 public folders, or as soon as the cached public folders consume one gigabyte of space.


To prevent this trouble, either disable the Download Public Folder Favorites choice, or store the number of cached public folders favorites to fewer than 1,000. If the issue continues to occur with fewer than 1,000 public folder favorites, mitigate the number of folders until you soptimal receiving the error or errors. You can generally mitigate the number of public folder favorites by deleting them by using the Outlook client. However before, in some situations in which you have too many kind of public folder favorites, you may be unable to delete the folders by utilizing the Outlook client bereason the error occurs once you select the public folder Favorites folder. If this occurs, you deserve to delete the public folder favorites by using MFCMapi rather.

To deal with this concern by disabling the Downpack Public Folder Favorites option, follow these steps:

In Outlook, pick File, select Account Settings, and also then select Account Settings.

Select your Exreadjust account, and then pick Change.

Select More Settings.

On the Advanced tab, clear the Downfill Public Folder Favorites inspect box.

Select OK.

You are prompted to rebegin Outlook for these alters to take impact. Select OK.

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Select Next, select Finish, and also then choose Close.

Exit Outlook, and also then rebegin Outlook.

To delete the public folder favorites by making use of MFCMapi, follow these steps:

Run MFCMAPI.exe.

On the Session food selection, choose Logon.

Select your Outlook profile name, and then pick OK.

In the optimal pane, find the line that synchronizes to your mailbox, and then double-click it.

In the navigation pane (left-side pane), expand Root - Mailbox, and also then select the Shortcuts folder.

In the details pane (right-side pane), find the PR_FOLDER_CHILD_COUNT properties. The Value column includes the variety of public folder favorites.

If you desire to delete all your public folder favorites, follow these steps:

In the navigation pane. right-click the Shortcuts folder, pick Advanced, and also then select Empty items and subfolders from folder.


Keep the default options, and then choose OK.

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If you desire to delete certain public folder favorites, follow these steps:

In the navigating pane, expand the Shortcuts folder, right-click the Public Folder favorite that you desire to delete, and also pick Delete folder.