Erase process has failed. press done to continue

I’m adhering to instructions but store getting the complying with message “Erase procedure has failed. Press Done to continue”. Before I return the drive, I’m hoping someone here could have come throughout this and knows what’s gone wrong.

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I assume you’re trying to format it on a MAC, most likely the error is bereason it faibrought about unmount the disk.

Try to eject the drive (If you have the right to see it on the desktop or finder) or rebegin your computer then attempt aget to reformat it

Thank you for your prompt response. Yes, I’m trying to format it on a Mac (sorry, I believed I had posted in the Mac section). The drive does not appear on the desktop computer or the Finder. I did restart the computer system as you argued, however again received the message “The disk you inserted is not readable by this computer”. Attempting to Initialize it gets the same message as prior to.

Turn off your computer, unplug the drive, plug it earlier as soon as the computer system is ago up and attempt to reformat it aobtain. Let me know if that works.

Again, thanks for your proceeding efforts to help.After doing as you indicate, the message that appears is “The disk you placed was not readable etc.”I already have actually 2 drives which I have effectively formatted, and they are working as they should, so I’m beginning to suspect that I have to rerotate this drive to the vendor.Angela

Did you delete the partition before formatting the drive? If not, you might be attempting to format on peak of a Windows partition.

Erasing the disk is precisely what I’m trying to execute (in Disk Utility). I store gaining the message “Erase process has failed”.Thanks for attempting to aid.Angela

Look at this short article to make sure we’re not absent somepoint. Otherwise you might have a failed drive in some method. I would certainly additionally try one more cable while you’re doing it.

How to Partition and also Style a Drive on Windows and also macOS

This answer describes how to format a drive for use on Windows and macOS.

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I was actually following the instructions in that very same post and also obtaining nowright here. I have actually a number of cables, however none that complement the one that came through the drive.Thanks for your attempts to help however at this allude, I think it’s time to give up and rerotate the drive.I don’t understand also why that information (the article) was not in package.Angela

This taken place to me, too. The screenshot mirrors that you should delete one level reduced in the power structure than actually works. Instead of selecting “My Passport”, picking its parent “ My Passport” and also following the remaining instructions operated.

Hope this helps someone.

Sometimes in life it isn’t just RTFM, it’s FTFM (the F is for Fix).

Hi!!! I hope, you have actually got your becasue I uncovered the true solution!! Please attempt it!

Find another computer, that’s not a MACBOOK or Imac or anypoint what functions with OSX mechanism.DO NOT USE an OSX SYSTEM!
Try to discover a WINDOWS system…plug in the to the Computer (that has actually the Windows system). Layout your and on the normal PC. Plug out safely as soon as it’s done.Plug in the to Mac, and try to format… Sometimes it wil offer you the exact same result, somehow it does something (I don’t understand what) and there will be the Official name of the HDD and after that erase it, and it will certainly work!!
Believe me, I tried. And currently it functions. I was saying and also I was upset, bereason it didn’t work, however once I found this remarkable solution I was happy. And I am still happy!

Hi, someone might already resolve this problem?. I bought two Elements discs and the exact same thing happened to me.I currently tried to format it in an PC via Windows, however it does not check out it.

i was just having actually the same issue…as soon as your in disc utilities click the watch tab than pick present all gadgets than provide it a try

I have actually a reputable fix for this however it still requires a PC.

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plug the drive right into pc and just delete the partition so you have actually the entirety drive an unalsituated room.plug it back into the mac, currently you have the right to format the drive to HFS+(mac journaled)

I’ve done this via a few drives currently and also had actually success each time.