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In addition to extensions, Google Chrome internet internet browser likewise had assistance for plugins (3rd party binary modules). The plugins in Google Chrome web browser was formerly noted under the “chrome://plugins” page, wright here the user can select to allow or disable plugins, such as the (in)famouse Adobe Flash Player.

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However before, beginning from Chrome variation 57, the chrome://plugins web page is no longer easily accessible. Whenever before you attempt to access the Chrome’s plugins web page, the complying with error appears:

This site can’t be reached

The webweb page at chrome://plugins/ can be temporarily down or it might have moved permanently to a new web attend to. ERR_INVALID_URL


The change is intentional. Beginning from Chrome version 57, the plugins page has actually been deprecated and removed as more and also even more plugins been developed and also kept by Google, making no a lot plugins still in usage in Chrome, through the exception of Adobe Flash Player. As the result, the developers of Chrome decided to rerelocate the chrome://plugins page and relocate the configuration for the Flash Player to main central Chrome content settings. In addition, the adjust is additionally hoped to make the controls for the Flash Player even more discoverable and consoliday settings concerned Flash Player (e.g. Plugin Power Savings mode), right into a solitary place.

Thus, if the objective of visiting chrome://plugins page is to permit or disable plugins, visit chrome://settings/content instead, where all settings and choices for a lot of componenets, consisting of PDF viewer and also Flash player is currently situated.

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To watch the variation of various components supplied in Chrome, visit chrome://components.

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