Error 1962 no operating system found lenovo windows 10

If you usage a Lenovo computer system, you might at some point endure the error 1962 “no operating mechanism.” This error code pops up at the Windows boot, frequently after the restart. The 1962 error code deserve to happen for a variety of factors. In some cases, it hregarding perform via a faulty HDD or SATA cable link. Other times error 1962 can be due to a corrupt startup or the wrong BIOS settings. If you are enduring this error code there are a few different things you have the right to try to deal with the trouble. The first thing you have to perform is make sure the drive is showing up in BIOS through the proper capacity. You must additionally inspect the cables of your device and also make certain they are all connected appropriately.

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If your drive is clicking or making noises…

opportunities are the drive is dead. If you have a backup of the information stored on your Lenovo device, we recommfinish buying a SSD and transferring every one of your data to it as it will certainly be inaccessible from the dead device. If you carry out not have a backup of your information, you’re in the best spot! Here at, we provide financially risk-complimentary data recoexceptionally services. Click the switch listed below to get the data recoextremely procedure started and acquire one step closer to respanning the information from your Lenovo tool.


Other troubleshooting tips….

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Run Startup Repair

Running startup repair is a relatively simple means to solve the majority of worries that take place as soon as your computer system falls short to boot right into Windows, consisting of the Lenovo error 1962. Follow the steps listed below to run startup repair.

Connect the bootable device to the computer system enduring error 1962 and also boot windows from itGo to the Windows setup web page and select language, time and also money, keyboard output settings, then click “Next”Select repair your computer, troubleshoot, progressed alternatives, and also then startup repairYou will then be motivated to pick your account and form your password. The startup repair have to begin after you enter this information

If running startup repair does not resolve the trouble, you might have to try altering the boot order.

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Change Boot Order in BIOS

If the reason of the error 1962 lies within the BIOS, changing the boot order, or priority, need to resolve the trouble. Follow the steps below to adjust the boot priority.

When “Error 1962: No Operating System Found” shows up on your screen, host the “Ctrl+Alt+Delete” secrets dvery own to reboot your deviceWhile your gadget is booting, press F12 multiple times to open BIOS setup, then press enterClick the startup tab, pick CSM, hit enter, and also then pick “enabled”Select the boot priority choice and hit enter, change present option of tradition initially to UEFI firstPress the F10 key and also choose yes. Your tool must then reboot