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Issues with USB printers are not that widespread as the mere procedure of printing or scanning somepoint doesn’t require an overlying software application except the built-in oneThe Windows Fax and Shave the right to error crashes the printing/scanning procedure and also indevelops individuals that it’s “Applying settings to driver“.

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Solution 1 – Run integrated Printer troubleshooter

The integrated troubleshooter differs based upon what Windows iteration you’re running, yet it’s tbelow either means. For Windows 7 and Windows 8 customers, the troubleshooter is uncovered in Control Panel, while Windows 10 users deserve to discover it in the Setups food selection.

Here’s just how to run the built-in troubleshooter in Windows 7 or Windows 8 (8.1):

Open Start and also then Control Panel.In the Search bar, kind Troubleshooting and also open Troubleshooting.Choose Hardware and Sound.

Select Printer and follow the instructions.


And this is just how to run it on Windows 10:

Press Windows vital + I to open up the Settings app.

Choose Upday & Security.


Select Troubleshoot from the left pane.

Expand also the Printer troubleshooter and also click Run the troubleshooter.

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If that doesn’t help, try utilizing an different USB port (USB 2.0 preferably) to attach your printer/scanner.

Equipment 2 – Check the drivers

More time than not this and also equivalent worries show up as a result of the improper driver for your printer or scanner. If you’ve got the software installation disk coming with the tool, it’s very advised to install both chauffeurs and also accompanying software. If that’s not the case, we still encourage you to prevent generic motorists automatically set up by Windows 10.

What you rather need to execute is navigate to OEM’s official assistance website and also grab chauffeurs there. In case you’re running an older printer/scanner, it’s important to install proper legacy motorists. Also, watch out for the mechanism design, as x86 (32-bit) platform chauffeurs won’t occupational on the x64 (64-bit) one.

With that in mind, examine your device’s complete name and also inspect for correct vehicle drivers virtual. If you very own an HP gadget, there’s a tool which can aid dubbed HP Print and also Scan Doctor which, upon running, immediately resolves problems. So can as well job-related for the “Applying settings to driver“.

Equipment 3 – Edit the registry

Finally, if namong the previous options gained you over the “Applying settings to driver” error, we have actually, what maybe might be, the definitive solution. There’s a capture though, as it needs editing the regisattempt which can bring about massive troubles if missupplied. That’s why we suggest backing up your registry (exporting it) and also only then readjust the worths we’ll suggest listed below.

Here’s what to carry out in order to fix the error at hand also via Windows Fax and also Scan application:

Press Windows crucial + R to summon the Run command line.Get in regedit and also click OK.


Choose Documents > Export to ago up your present Registry state.Now, navigate to ComputerHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlStillImage.

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Right-click and also delete the StillImage from the left pane.