Error former volume not mounted


Plenty of customers has actually reported the former volume not mounted error and also are seeking for feasible remedies on the forum. If you are among them, don’t worry. In this short article, MiniTool Partition Wizard lists 6 possible remedies from users and also you deserve to feel cost-free to have actually a try.

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About uTorrent Error Former Volume Not Mounted

The former volume not mounted is an error that might happen in uTorrent. The volume refers to a storage gadget like a disk drive or USB flash drive. A volume is placed when it is assigned a area in the file device of the computer so that it can be referred to at that course.

The difficulty has actually been reported by a variety of users, and also it might also occur on other well-known torrent clients choose BitTorrent and also Vuze. You might learn about the details of the uTorrent error previous volume not installed from the adhering to post:

Normally I store all my uTorrent downtons stored in an external hard drive. I plug the drive into my COMPUTER after my COMPUTER has actually booted up. Today I went via the usual procedure yet additionally added a USB stick via a watch to copying some documents from the external disk to the stick. Before doing this, I opened uTorrent with a view to rename one or two papers, yet eexceptionally file had actually turned from green to brvery own through the message “Error former volume not mounted”. I’m persuaded that the development of the USB stick had actually somepoint to do through this, however the question is, is there a way to acquire the files seeding and also downloading again? -- From uTorrent forum

Commonly, the frustrating difficulty occurs once individuals are utilizing an outside storage device and also it stays clear of them from reading or downloading and install torleas usually. There are numerous potential components that may cause the former volume not placed error in your torrent client. A few of them are detailed below:

Tright here are some worries via the drive letter. One of your torrental fees or download routes most likely offers a drive letter that no longer exists, or the exterior drive is assigned via one more drive letter various from that your torrent client expects.The torrent is partly corrupted. If the downloading procedure of the torrent is interrupted suddenly, the information can be corrupted and also your torrent client may refuse to resume downpack, giving the previous volume not placed error message.The resume.dat file contains certain conflicting data. It is feasible that the resume.dat file of uTorrent has certain incorrect instance, and this might likewise cause the trouble under our discussion.

After finding out around the error in detail, it’s time to resolve it. In the following contents, you will certainly learn about 6 possible techniques to settle uTorrent former volume not mounted error. Let’s check them out one by one.

6 Methods to Fix Former Volume Not Mounted Error

Reconnect the problematic driveSet an additional downpack place for the problematic torrentMatch the drive letter to the one alsituated by the computerChange drive letterRe-check your torrentsModify the resume.dat file

Fix 1: Reaffix the Problematic Drive

As mentioned before, the problem is typically resulted in by the external drive like a USB drive being used as the storage magazine of your downloaded torrental fees.

If you are using such a drive and commonly disaffix it from your computer, it is possible that its drive letter alsituated by the computer alters and also thus your uTorrent cannot acknowledge the drive. Besides, if the drive is not correctly associated, you could also encounter the former volume not mounted error.

As such, you had actually better disattach the problematic drive and then appropriately reconnect it to your computer. This will certainly pressure your operating mechanism to reasauthorize a drive letter to the exterior drive and may settle the difficulty instantly.

Fix 2: Set Anvarious other Download Location for the Problematic Torrent

In some cases, this problem simply happens to one certain torrent which is referencing a downfill course that no much longer exists. According to the reports, this generally occurs when you perdevelop downloads on a removable drive but then decide to remove it while the file is downloading and install or seeding.

If you are in the exact same case, possibly you deserve to try setting another downfill location for the problematic torrent to deal with the issue. Here’s a simple overview for you.

Tip 1: If the torrent is still under downpack, the initially thing you should carry out is preventing the present downpack to prevent your uTorrent from accessing or updating the file. Just right-click the torrent and select Stop.

Step 2: Right-click the problematic torrent again and pick Advanced > Set Downfill Location.


Step 3: In the pop-up dialog, pick a brand-new valid location you want to keep the torrent file and also click the Select Folder button.

After that, rebegin your torrent client and inspect if you have the right to download the torrent without the previous volume not placed error.

Fix 3: Match the Drive Letter to the One Allocated by the Computer

When you reconnect the outside difficult drive to your computer system, the operating device deserve to still identify it by allotting a drive letter which can be different from the one formerly allotted. However, the uTorrent could remember the previous drive letter (or the path) and it gets perplexed when the drive letter or mount allude alters, which could lead to previous volume not mounted error message.

In this instance, you can change the directories for your torrents to match the drive letter to the one allocated by your computer system. To carry out that, you should:

Step 1: Keep your uTorrent open and click Options from the upper ribbon bar.

Step 2: Click Preferences from the drop-down food selection. You deserve to also push Ctrl + P keys in the primary interface to directly open the wanted home window.


Step 3: In the left side of the Preferences home window, click Directories, and also then inspect Put brand-new downloads in from the right pane. Here, examine if the drive letter matches the current configuration. You should additionally make certain the drive letters of various other affiliated locations are matched appropriately.


Step 4: Click Apply and OK to save the alters you have actually made.

Now, you can rebegin your uTorrent and also examine if the trouble is readdressed. If you are still stuck with the former volume not mounted error, simply relocate on to the following solution.

Fix 4: Change Drive Letter

If you discover it troublesome to change the downfill area for each of affected torleas or you don’t desire to make any kind of transforms for your torrent client, you deserve to directly change the drive letter of the external drive to the one your uTorrent expects.

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Here are 3 methods for you to readjust drive letter, and you have the right to pick any kind of one to finish the procedure. But before that, you must check the error message and hover your mouse over the error to view the drive letter that your uTorrent expects.

#1. Via Disk Management

Disk Management is a built-in utility in Windows computer which deserve to help individuals to control the linked disks and partitions with ease. To readjust the drive letter for your exterior storage device, simply follow the procedures below.

Tip 1: Press Windows + R to carry up the Run home window.

Step 2: Input diskmgmt.msc in the empty box and also click OK to open Disk Management.

Step 3: Right-click the targain drive and choose Change Drive Letter and also Paths from the conmessage food selection.


Tip 4: In the pop-up home window, click Change switch. Then, inspect Asauthorize the complying with drive letter alternatives, choose the drive letter that your torrent client expects from the drop-dvery own food selection, and also click OK button to save changes.


#2. Via Diskpart

If Disk Management is not loading or runs right into specific difficulties on your computer system, you have the right to usage the diskcomponent tool alternatively. Diskcomponent is a separate suite of commands that runs in the Command also Prompt and also helps you regulate your computer’s drives. Here’s how to readjust drive letter through diskpart.

Tip 1: Invoke Run home window, input cmd, and also click OK to open Command also Prompt.

Tip 2: Type diskpart in the command consingle and also push Enter.

Step 3: Input the following regulates one by one and press Go into crucial after each.

list volumechoose volume * (* describes the volume number of the taracquire partition which can be established by the drive letter)asauthorize letter I (relocation I through the preferred drive letter of your torrent client)


#3. Via Third-party Software

For users who are not so acquainted with Windows integrated devices, utilizing a skilled third-party regime is always a good option. Here, MiniDevice Partition Wizard is recommended for you. It can help you control partitions and also disks, restore shed information, and earlier up your computer system easily. Here’s a basic overview on just how to readjust drive letter making use of this assistant.

Tip 1: Click the following switch to downpack MiniTool Partition Wizard and install it on your computer.

Free Download

Step 2: When you gain the major interchallenge, right-click the taracquire drive and pick Change Letter from the pop-up food selection. You deserve to additionally select Change Drive Letter from the left pane after choosing the drive.


Step 3: Choose the preferred drive letter from the list of New Drive Letter and click OK button.

Tip 4: Click Apply button to execute the pending procedure.

Fix 5: Re-Check Your Torrents

Almany all the torrent clients provide a force re-examine feature that helps to troubleshoot the potential difficulties with the torrental fees. If the above approaches fail to settle the problem for you, you have the right to try this feature.

Just right-click the problematic torrent and choose Force Re-Check from the drop-dvery own food selection. After the re-check procedure is completed, rebegin your computer system and see if the uTorrent previous volume not installed error is reresolved.

Fix 6: Modify the Resume.dat File

Finally, you deserve to choose to modify the resume.dat file of your uTorrent to replace the previous path that has readjusted because of the relink of the exterior drive. This is even more complicated than the over services, however you deserve to exploit an effective text editor prefer Notepad++. Here’s what you should carry out.

Step 1: Invoke Run home window, input %AppData%uTorrent and also click OK to open the uTorrent folder in Data Explorer.

Step 2: Find the resume.dat file and make a backup for it in one more area. Open your downloaded Notepad++ and drag the resume.dat file right into the console to open up it.

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Tip 3: Click Search tab in the ribbon bar and also choose Replace. Input the incorrect course in the Find what box, input the correct one in the Replace through box, and click Rearea All switch.