Eso error 304 already logged in

A lot of Elder Scrolls Online is reporting that they finish up seeing the 304 error (This account is currently logged in) when they attempt to login into the game servers. Some customers are seeing this message immediately after they open up the game while others report that they see this error prompt after being kicked out from a game server. This worry appears to be exclusive to COMPUTER. 

ESO Error 304 – Account currently logged in

After investigating this certain worry, it transforms out that tright here are several different scenarios that could cause this certain error code. Here’s a list of potential culprits:

Lingering ESO procedure running in the background – According to most impacted customers, you have the right to suppose to enrespond to this concern if you have actually the halittle of cshedding the game untraditionally. In this situation, you deserve to deal with the problem by utilizing Task Manager to close any lingering procedure that might be developing this worry.

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Badly cached TCP or IP data – It’s additionally feasible that a timeless instance of badly cached IP or TCP data is bring about this particular concern. In this case, you deserve to try rebooting your rexternal or reestablishing its user settings in an effort to clear temp information and also previously established settings that can create this habits.

Now that you understand eincredibly potential culprit that might cause this error, here’s a list of methods that various other affected users have actually efficiently provided to fix the 304 error (This account is already logged in) issues:

Method 1: Using Task Manager to cshed every Associated ESO Process

As it turns out, this problem is known to occur if you have the habit of simply cshedding the ESO client rather of exiting it properly. This practice is recognized to produce random disconnects the next time you try to open the game (if you don’t end up booting up your computer again).

Note: This might also happen if you quit the game and you attempt to access it aget extremely conveniently (in under 1 minute). In this situation, opportunities are the validation feature on the game server most likely didn’t have actually the opportunity to clear data linked via your activity and also it thinks you are still logged in. In this instance, the solution is to ssuggest wait for a full minute prior to repeating the login attempt.

If you don’t want to restart in order to resolve the 304 error (This account is currently logged in) error temporarily, you deserve to likewise resolve the worry by utilizing Task Manager to close eextremely ESO procedure in order to clear the cache permanently and facilitate a totally fresh login.

In situation you haven’t tried this already, follow the instructions below:

Encertain that Elder Scrolls Online and also its launcher are completely cshed and no connected process is running in the background.Press Ctrl + Change + Esc to open up Task Manager. If the simple interconfront opens by default, click on More details from the bottom-right area of the display screen.
Accessing the More Details display of Task ManagerOnce you’re inside the advance interface, access the Processes tab and right-click eso64.exe or eso32.exe, and also select End Task from the conmessage menu that simply appeared to close the process.
Ending the eso.exe processes

Note: If you view a second process alongside the major one, close that too.Launch the game as soon as aobtain and also see if the trouble is currently fixed.In situation the very same problem is still arising, move down to the next potential solve below.

Method 2: Activating IPv6 via Tunnel Protocol in your Router’s Settings

Keep in mind that last year, Elder Scrolls Online fully moved to an IPV6 link. Ever since this adjust was imposed, players that were still making use of the IPV4 protocol (applied at a router level) were getting booted to the login display eexceptionally 10 minutes or so.

If you discover yourself in this certain scenario, you must be able to settle the concern by accessing your router settings and forcing IPV4 to be offered by default. Tright here are most user reports confirming that this technique was the only thing that enabled them to play the game without constantly acquiring the 304 error (This account is already logged in).

Note: The specific instructions on enforcing IPv6 will certainly be various from router to rexternal. Although we can’t carry out you through a definitive guide considering that your displays will certainly most likely be various, we have the right to administer a general guide that will certainly hopecompletely guide you through this procedure.

Follow the instructions below for a basic overview on activating IPV6 via your router settings:

First points first, you must get a host of your router’s IP deal with. To perform this, press Windows essential + R to open up up a Run dialog box. Next off, type ‘cmd’ inside the message box and push Ctrl +Change + Enter to open up up up an elevated Command also Prompt. When you’re motivated by the UAC (User Account Control) prompt, click Yes to approve admin accessibility.
Accessing an elevated CMD prompt

Note: If you already recognize it, skip this action and move directly to X.Once you’re inside the elevated CMD prompt, kind the following command and push Enter to get an introduction of your network:ipconfigOnce you gain an overview of your netoccupational, examine the Default Gateway attend to associate through the adapter that you’re actively making use of. When you get a hold of that details, simply copy the resolve on your clipboard.

Finding you’re router’s addressNext off, open your web browser of alternative, paste the attend to you formerly copied to your clipboard and also push Enter to reach the login display screen of your router’s settings.After you arrive at the initial login screen, go ahead and enter the correct login credentials if you formerly establimelted custom equivalents.
Accessing the Rexternal settings screenNote: If you haven’t previously collection custom credentials, attempt the defaults provided by a lot of rexternal manufacturers: admin as user name and 1234 as password. This can differ from manufacturer to manufacturer, so search online for the default credentials if these don’t work.Once you have successfully logged right into your router settings, look for the progressed (Expert menu).After you’re inside the advanced food selection, look for an choice named IPv6 tunneling and also click it as soon as you watch it.When you’re inside the IPV6 tunnel food selection, ensure that the option is allowed and also usage DS-Lite as the Tunneling Mechanism. If you have actually the alternative to pick the configuration kind, select Auto before saving the changes.
Enabling IPV6 funnelingOnce IPv6 Tunnel is appropriately allowed, conserve the alters and restart both your computer system and also your rexternal in order to enable the chances to be implemented.Launch Elder Scrolls Online as soon as aacquire and see if the problem is now resolved.In case you are still gaining disconnects with the exact same 304 error (This account is currently logged in) problem, move dvery own to the following potential fix below.

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Method 3: Investigating for an ISP Issue

If the 304 error that you’re encountering is also coupled through random disconnects, it’s possible that the issue is ISP connected. Looking at various other user reports, ISP-related worries that might cause this trouble selection from a generic case of badly cached IP / TCP information to a case where the ISP has actually readjusted the link protocol from NAT to PAT.

Depfinishing on the origin of this problem, the viable settle that will certainly actually enable you to proccasion the 304 error (This account is currently logged in) from occurring aobtain will be various.

If the problem is concerned badly cached TCP and IP information, you have to have the ability to settle the worry by percreating a rexternal rebegin or recollection procedure. On the various other hand also, if the concern is resulted in by your ISP switching over to PAT (Port Address Translation from NAT (Netoccupational Address Translation), you will certainly have to call your ISP and politely ask them to witch your link type ago to NAT.

To accommodate both potential scenarios, we’ve put together 2 sepaprice guides:

If the worry is led to by badly cached TCP or IP data, follow sub-overview A and also sub overview B (if A is unsuccessful)If you suspect your ISP has readjusted the connection strategy to PAT, follow sub-guide C.

A. Rebeginning your Router

A simple means to begin troubleshooting for a TCP and IP problem is to go for a straightforward network reboot. This will achieve the function of clearing the currently cached data for Internet Protocol and also Transmission Control Protocol information.

To perdevelop a simple rexternal reboot on your network-related device, start by identifying the power button (it’s frequently situated on the ago of the device). When you check out it, press it as soon as to cut off power.

Once the power is interrupted, go ahead and disaffix the power cable from the power outlet and wait for a complete minute prior to plugging it earlier in in order to permit the power capacitors enough time to drainpipe themselves.

Resetting the router

Once the moment duration has passed, begin your router once aget, launch the game and also check out if the 304 error is now fixed.

B. Resetting your Router Configuration

If the basic router restart didn’t fix the worry for you, the next logical step is to go for a complete netoccupational device reset to encertain that no netoccupational establishing or cached data is currently bring about the 304 error (This account is already logged in) issues.

Important: Before you go ahead and reset your netoccupational gadget, it’s vital to understand also that this procedure will certainly influence your existing network-related setup. On height of reverting every network establishing back to their manufacturing facility defaults, any kind of forwarded ports, blocked items, and any kind of other kind of practice settings will certainly be lost. On peak of this, if you’re utilizing PPPoE, you will certainly have to reinsert your credentials before you’ll have the ability to develop an internet link as soon as aacquire.

If you understand also the results, you have the right to initiate a router recollection by starting the reset button on the ago of your router. Normally, this is a built-in button that have the right to only be got to via a sharp object (needle, toothpick, and so on.) in order to proccasion the accidental procedure.

Once you regulate to locate the reset button, push and hold it for about 10 seconds or until you notice that the front LEDs all flash at the very same time.

Restarting the router

After the router is successfully reset, go ahead and re-develop the link by re-inserting your PPPoE credentials and see if the difficulty is currently addressed.

C. Contacting your ISP

As it transforms out, you deserve to likewise check out this error developing if your ISP has newly switched over to making use of PAT (Port Address Translation) instead of the NAT (Network Address Translation) without letting you recognize.

This is known to cause the majority of stcapacity troubles, specifically via the ESO client as the majority of players report random disconnects once PAT was forced onto their network (unlimited loading screens and lag spikes have the right to additionally be symptoms of this)

If you want to test whether your ISP is forcing PAT, ssuggest access a webweb page prefer WhatsMyIP and hit refresh every 10 seconds or so. If the deal with adjust regularly, possibilities are you’re still utilizing NAT and this strategy is not applicable.

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However, if the resolve always stays the very same (even after you rebegin your computer), you should gain in contact via your ISP (Internet Service Provider), define the concern, and also ask them to move you over earlier to NAT in order to boost your in-location stcapability.