Exception processing message 0xc000007b parameters windows 10

I keep acquiring this white box that pops up with the subject message in it. I"m running windows 10 on an hp desktop computer.

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Thanks for your help

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Are you obtaining this error while accessing any kind of application or during startup?Have you made any transforms on your computer system choose installing the latest updates for Windows 10?When specifically did this difficulty started?

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In reply to John Vil's article on April 18, 2017

I have actually this trouble as well.When i was runningPlayerunknown"s Battlegrounds,it come out,then the game shutdvery own.

I have install the latest updays for Windows10.Now,my system version is 64little bit house.brand also is 15063.

Only as soon as i was runingPlayerunknown"s Battlegrounds,this difficulty comes out!


In reply to JustinDon's post on April 24, 2017

Hi Justin,

Tright here are a number of reasons why you are getting the error message. One instance is if you attempt to launch a 32-little application in a 64-little bit setting. This is many likely to happen after upgrading your computer and it reasons incompatibility worries.

Here are the actions that you can percreate to aid you troubleshoot the issue:

Method 1: Basic Troubleshooting

1. Restart your computer prior to launching the game. The basic act of restarting your computer system can go a lengthy way in correcting a minor problem that may have caused the error.

2. Update the operating device.Check for any pending updays to install. Perform these easy steps to watch whether or not the error is resolved.

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Method 2 – Acquire Administrative Rights

You may enrespond to error simply because you do not have administrative rights to the computer system. Acquiring the rights can conveniently solve the error.

Right-click “C” or the driver that hosts the OS.Select “Properties”.Click “Security” tab before clicking the “Advanced” switch.Click “Change” alternative.Type your username in the “Enter the Object name” box that appears.Click “OK” to save whatever.Rebegin your computer system for the alters to take impact.

Method 3 – Upday Computer Drivers

Check to check out if any kind of drivers are damaged or any kind of that should be updated.Right-click on “My Computer” prior to choosing “Properties”.Select “Device Manager”.Navigate via all the tools noted while looking out for any kind of device via a yellow exclamation note.Right-click any such device prior to choosing “Upday Driver”.Rebegin your computer system after the upday. Launch the application that you launched prior to the error 0xc000007B emerged to watch whether or not the error is refixed.

Method 4 – Run Disk Check Utility

Bad sectors on the disk hosting the OS can also cause error 0xc000007b. Run the integrated disk examine to view if doing so resolves the error.

Press the combicountry of Win + X secrets to open up menu.Select “Command also Prompt (Admin)” option.Click “Yes” to run command prompt as an administrator.Type “chkdsk” Leave an area after the “chkdsk” before inputting in the drive letter (C) that you need scanned. Running disk check just identifies damaged sectors and files if any kind of. You should specify parameters prior to the energy have the right to percreate vital repairs.Type the complying with right into the prompt immediately after the drive letter “/f/r/x”.

Method 5– Reresolve Compatibility Issue in between Application and Computer System

Compatibility worries in between application and also computer system system is a primary reason of error 0xc000007b. Reresolving such an worry deserve to easily deal with the error.

Right-click the application’s symbol.Click “Properties”.Click “Compatibility” tab.Check the “Run this regimen in compatibility mode for” box.Select the appropriate variation of Windows OS in the drop-down menu.Click “Apply” before clicking OK to cshed the dialogue box. Restart your computer.

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Method 6 – Delete and also Install DirectX Files to deal with error 0xc000007B

This strategy will certainly job-related to resolve the error in instance the error is resulted in by damaged DirectX documents.Open Windows Explorer.Navigate to “C:WindowsSystem32”.Locate and also delete “xinput_1.dll”, “xinput_2.dll” and also “xinput_3.dll”.Visit vivaworldcup.info downfill center to downpack and also install the DirectX papers. Rebegin your computer system after the installation is finish.