External hard drive not showing up reddit

Have tried multiple USB ports and deserve to constantly watch it in Devices and printers yet NEVER in Device Manager or Disk Management

No workarounds that I have been able to google have actually functioned (I additionally did some Regisattempt folder deleting organization to no avail) or are applicable. Does anyone have actually any kind of even more suggestions?

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2 years ago
this web page lists a pair pieces of seagate specific software application that seem favor they can be helpful: https://www.seagate.com/support/external-hard-drives/desktop-hard-drives/expansion-desktop/

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2 years ago
Step 1. Make USB/exterior difficult drive detectable/appear in Disk Management

When your storage gadget such as USB or external tough drive is not getting here on your computer, you should first make them detectable in Disk Management. And listed below tips will assist you do the job:

First, insert and affix the USB or exterior hard drive to your COMPUTER.

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Check if it appears in Disk Management or not.If not, try the listed below tips for help:

#1. Press Win + X tricks at the very same time and also pick Disk Management > Check out if you deserve to watch your USB or outside hard drive listed as a Removable disk.

#2. Plug and also insert your USB or external difficult drive right into a various USB port on your computer rather of making use of USB hubs.

#3. Power on your USB or exterior tough drive if it's switched off and attempt to connect it to a various computer.

When the USB or outside hard drive appears in the Disk Management, you have the right to currently follow Tip 2 and Tip 3 to restore your gadget out of 'USB/outside hard drive not display up in This PC' error.

Tip 2. Fix 'USB/External hard drive reflects up in Device Manager/Disk Management but not in Windows Explorer/This PC' error

If your USB or outside tough drive does not present up in This PC/Windows Explorer on your PC, you can now follow the three methods listed below to fix this error now:

Method 1. Upday or reinstall USB/exterior tough drive drivers

Connect your USB or outside hard drive to your COMPUTER, go to Devices Manager > Click Universal Serial Bus Controllers.

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Right-click your USB or external tough drive and also click Uninstall > Unplug the drive. 

Plug the USB/external hard drive ago in your PC, and also enter Device Manager aacquire > Go to Universal Serial Bus Controllers.

Click to highlight and also pick USB component to be updated.

Right-click USB and also select Upday Driver Software from the drop-down menu.

Follow the ondisplay overview in Upday Driver Software Wizard to upday USB or exterior hard drive chauffeurs.

Method 2. Asauthorize USB/external difficult drive with a brand-new drive letter to make it show up in Windows Explorer

Press Win + X secrets and click Disk Management.

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Find and also right-click your USB or external difficult drive and select Change Drive Letter and also Path...