Fallout 4 borderless window resolution

So I am having actually some sensibly bad stuttering problems on F4 on COMPUTER, and I looked it up and saw that using borderless windowed mode is a settle for that, so I go to permit it, and also I watch that my resolution isn't on tbelow. My resolution is 1600x900, however the cloeset rez to that is 1440x900. That doesn't really reduced it. Any method that I have the right to carry it to 1600x900 by tinkering through the ini's or something?

Edit: Figured it out. Went into FalloutPrefs.ini in documents, searched for borderless home window, collection it to 1, then below that, collection my resolution to 1600x900



So, excessive details for world that are having troubles, probably this will help, perhaps not.

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Go to documents/MyGames/Fallout4 Open FalloutPrefs.ini discover bBorderless = (Something), replace something with 1 discover iSize H = (Something), rearea the something through your monitor's elevation uncover iSizeW = (Something), this is right beneath it, change the somepoint to your monitor's width.

Hey guy what specific lines did you edit? I did what you sassist in your edit yet I still don't have actually complete screen

If you are trying to gain fullscreen, this isnt the method to execute it. This is for bordermuch less window.

Either means, the exact lines I edited were "bBorderless" and collection that to one, then collection "iSize H" "iSize W" to my length and also width of my monitor.

How did you execute it bereason it just provides the launcher alternatives and as soon as I adjust it in the prefs file nothing happens

After you modify the prefs file, dont open up the options, it will reset the prefs. So just modify the prefs (refer to my over comment), then go straight to play.

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The exact same point is happening to me. I've been trying to solve it for a few hrs with no luck.

Edit: Never before mind, I was editing and enhancing the one in routine files and also not in My Games. Works now.

Hmmm. Interesting. Are you certain you are opening the appropriate one? The one located in documents/my games/fallout 4 ?

Chiming in to say this is happening to me as well. Edited the .ini's and also nothing seems to be functioning.

Have the exact same worry. Game operated perfectly fine because launch. Today I decided to download and use the Config Device from nexus. Everything checked out hell. Gamepad assistance got wonky and game no longer fit my display. Removed tool yet game still doesn't fit display screen.

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I resolved it by picking 780p in the same establishing popup, wbelow you choose windowed mode. Also go right into the taskbar food selection and click auto hide.