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Ever considering that the 1.10.64 update, the latest variation of the manuscript extender (build: 0.6.5) designed to work via the update causes crashes eincredibly single time I reach the major menu, or a few seconds into the intro video. I"ve tried disabling and/or updating eexceptionally mod that I can find that offers the manuscript extender, but that does not occupational. The one thing that actually let me get to the food selection was launching the game without the script extender.

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I think this has actually somepoint to execute with the manuscript extender not liking the creation club. Whenever I obtain to glimpse the primary food selection while running the script extender, I alert the "ADDONS" and "CREATION CLUB" choices are greyed out and also as soon as the news would usually pop up and link to them has actually been established is when the game crashes. I tried the "No More Creation Club News" mod, but it"s not the news module, it"s the actual connecting to the CC that happens on game startup the script extender is interfering via.


This has been happening because yesterday, January 2fifth, as soon as the update to the script extender was released and I seem to be the just one having this difficulty. I"ve tried verifying the integrity of my documents, redownloading version 0.6.5 of the script extender and installing it 3 times, reinstalling the game and restoring my load order, and also nopoint works. Due to the fact that the just point that also acquired me to the main menu was not utilizing the script extender at all I"m encouraged it"s the trouble, or at least some rogue mod I missed is interfering via it covertly, but I disabled the mods I have that use scripts or that would certainly impact the primary menu/UI and nopoint worked.


My other more much fetched theory is something changed or added in the 1.10.64 upday is corrupt, prefer perhaps a creation club package downloaded wrongly and the game is trying to check out it however can"t, however I don"t want to simply start deleting things or installing those mods that overwrite the files via empty ones, especially given that I have bought a pair of items. This also prevents me from downgrading to the previous variation of the game bereason the 1.10.64 upday apparently included considerable features that are supplied by objects like the Slocum"s Joe settlement pack that I bought and was really hoping to use.


Here"s my pack order, sorted and checked for errors via LOOT: https://pastebin.com/qf7YPZfs


I posted this problem on the Fallout modding subreddit bereason I thought I might acquire some help tbelow but civilization simply keep informing me to upday mods I do not have favor DEF_UI so none of them are actually reading my pack order. Hopefully someone below can help, I"d love to obtain ago ingame.

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LOOT is an excellent tool, yet it"s not perfect. 


So, you"re going to need to do a small sleuthing right here.  I don"t play FO4, but I have modded Beth games since Morrowind, and the basics hold from game to game.  Don"t attempt all this once you"re in a hurry -- be all set to be patient and take your time.  Make a sandwich, obtain some snacks and also pull up your favorite comfort item.

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First of all, be prepared to start a brand brand-new playwith that you usage only for testing mods.


Now, disable all your mods.  Do NOT disable FO4SE.  See if the game will launch.  I am betting that the difficulty is resulted in by a mod which is trying to fill and also access the manuscript extender fairly than the manuscript extender itself.


If the game tons, then make your Test character.  Now, conserve and also cshed the game.  If the game does not load, then the worry is indeed the manuscript extender itself.  If you are running an alpha variation, see if there"s an extra steady beta or final version easily accessible.  At this suggest, you have to likewise verify your game cache via Steam.  If you have actually made edits to your .ini files, make a copy of them and put them somewright here safe.  Start the game from the standard launcher to generate brand-new .ini papers, then put your modified .ini files earlier into place.


Re-allow mods which carry out not call for FO4SE in any type of way, shape or develop.  If the game tons, then you"re great.  Load in your Test character and run approximately a little bit or execute whatever.  Save, then close.  If the game does not fill, then you"ve rooted out the team that includes your problem mod.  Disable mods a couple of at a time till the game loads, then you need to have the ability to recognize the culprit.


If everything is still great, then you are going to re-allow your FO4SE mods no even more than 3 at a time.  Start the game, check out if it lots, open your Test character, run around, then save and also cshed.  Rinse and repeat until you uncover the little bit group of mods that"s bring about your problem.  Disable those mods one at a time until the game tons.

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One thing I have learned about modding is that the difficulty isn"t always wright here you think it is.  I invested 3 days chasing dvery own what I thought was a texture or body mod problem only to uncover out that the difficulty was a mod which differed characters" weights by race. 

  The process was painful.