Fallout 4 how to install dlc

Fallout 4: exactly how to accessibility the Automatron DLC

Fallout 4‘s first DLC pack is a string of robotic adendeavors rejoicing in the name of Automatron.

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To access the DLC, you’ll obviously have to purchase it either standalone or as component of the Fallout 4 seaboy pass, and also then download and also install it. (It won’t download automatically for PS4 season pass holders, unfortunately, so you’ll should discover the load on the PlayStation Store and manually initiate the downfill.)

Once that’s done, fire up Fallout 4 yet don’t automatically fill your save; inspect the brand-new “add-ons” area of the primary food selection. If Automatron is provided, you’re great to go. If not, examine that you’re signed in on activated consingle, and also restart your device.

Once you gain in-game, you’ll have to progression past the introductory area – leave Vault 111, in various other words – or load up an existing conserve. In either instance, the DLC mission will be added to the list of searches in your Pip-Boy. Keep in mind that the obstacles presented by the Automatron DLC are designed for fairly high-level players, so you may not desire to go chasing this search line as quickly as you obtain out of the vault.

When you’re ready to go, the first step is to listen to the proper dianxiety signal, which you deserve to hear anywhere in the Commonwealth; simply open the radio area of your Pip-Boy, select the appropriate channel, and also listen to the entirety message via at least as soon as. This have to update your quest log.

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Location of Wattz Consumer Electronics

The following step of the pursuit is to “locate the ambush”, which can be a little tricky – depending on wbelow you are once you hear the radio signal, you might not acquire a map marker (I didn’t).

The radio message sassist the assault took place close to Wattz Consumer Electronics. if you’ve never saw or have forgotten this dungeon, it’s north of the Institute and the damages of CIT. The map listed below reflects it’s location; you have the right to watch the distinctive Diamond City marker in the direction of the bottom of the screen, which makes a handy recommendation if you don’t recognise any type of of this. Click to zoom.


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