Fallout 4 loading screen fix

I am attempting to launch either vanilla or modded Fallout 4, but either means, I cannot get previous the initial loading display. It freezes the second the circle in the bottom right edge comes up.

Because I am making use of Nexus Mod Manager, I thought that was the trouble and also unset up all mods I had loaded and disabled all mods checked. Still, that did not solve the difficulty. I have actually given that wiped everything from the Fallout 4 folder and reset up the game totally - yet it still will not launch.

Any idea on how to fix this?



You should also delete C:Users*your name*AppDataLocalFallout4 –Fallout 4 crashes on startup, neighborhood.bethesda.net

This directory consists of your mod and also .esp pack order (save it somewright here else!), which the program is calling for and also cannot access bereason they don"t exist anyeven more. (= crash)


The last time that I had that problem was as soon as I tried to run Fallout 4 on a computer that couldn"t take care of the graphics, examine your graphics card and also make sure it have the right to take care of Fallout 4 also on minimal graphic settings.

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Have you taken into consideration to look into the papyrus logs?If i remember appropriately you have the right to activate logging in the Fallout4.ini. The logs will be generated in the user folder in Documents/Fallout4/logs. This possibly provide you a hint what goes wrong.

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