Fallout 4 moving too fast

AuthorMessagestalkzoid hey men , I have actually a issue in fallout 4 occasionally, it comes and it goes and I don"t recognize what is causing it. the pipboy opens up up really really fast, once u put a holotape in the pipboy it does it fast, I do not know if what is happening is affecting my game in other ways.. does anyone have any kind of insight to this little bit difficulty. any type of assist would be a great help.................peace

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Platypus wasnt tright here a difficulty for uncapping frame price which made all the animations wonky, attempt seeing what your framework price is as soon as among those ""rapid moments happens"" and do take a base line structure rate wbelow the computer animation appears normal if that aint to much to ask , also inspect the lockpickin ""minigame""(chore) to check out if thats to fast too that was a framerate difficulty as well.

kazeem I think you will certainly need to lock your framerate to 60 fps in falloutpref.ini "iPresentInterval=1 --- V-Sync with 60 fps lock" I guess it have the right to fix your trouble possibly. Heard somepoint about nvidia V-sync options in nvidia"s panel directly...

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Loler920a I personally turned off vsync on FO4 But as a result of difficulties rising due to high frame prices and also other technological stuff I capped it at 59If you have actually a nvidia GPU use nvidia inspector to aid out AMD sorry mate can not help you there.
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fallout 4 pipboy and also menus moving really fast
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