Fallout 4 new game stuck on loading screen

I have actually recently mounted Fallout 4 aobtain (Steam) aacquire after finishing it post-Nuka World. However, eincredibly time I click New Video Game, it goes on an unlimited loading time, without ever before founding the game. Can someone aid me out over here? I have actually gave a google docs link below which reflects all my mods and the fill order and also the *.ini files in My Games.

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Also, should I launch the game via Steam or with f4se loader?

Thanks a lot for your time!


When in doubt, constantly launch by means of F4SE.

I'm not seeing any kind of blatantly apparent errors with your fill order though, so that's good. Bad news is, I've never had actually the "infinite pack screen" difficulty with FO4, so I have actually no principle exactly how to solve it various other than "keep trying and pray it works this time".

Just to be safe, I'd recommfinish using BethINI (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/4875/) to manage the .ini tweaks if you think you might have actually done them wrong. Don't forobtain to tick off "Load Loose Files" under the Basic tab either.

Disable fifty percent of your mods and also retry. Does it work? If so, you discovered the half of your mods that has the problematic one. Re-permit them in little batches and retry till it stops working. Narrow down to a single plugin. Jackpot.

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That concern comes from quests founding too at an early stage in the game setup phase and which mod reasons it could be totally non-apparent. Easier to examine using the method above (which also works for reproducible CTDs).

I've had this worry before. If it just happens on starting a new game, attempt hitting "T" to skip the intro cutscene. It sometimes bugs out.

I have actually had actually this take place on Xbone, and in my case it was caused by mods that immediately added holotapes to my inventory. Cwarmth Terminal IIRC.

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I'm sorry I can't remember which specific mod it was for me, and we have a lot of the same ones, yet I had the exact same difficulty and it turned out to be a mod trying to offer me a holotape right tright here at character development.

If it helps you to narrow it dvery own, it certainly wasn't one that I required allowed in the time of character development, obviously. I feel favor it was a settlement building/development point, but absolutely not SimSettlements. Look for the ones that offer you holotapes. Good luck!