Fallout 4 no mouse cursor





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Hey men just started the game and both in fulldisplay and windowed mode I have no mouse or key-board regulate, as if the fallout home window is not in emphasis. Any ideas just how to resolve this?
except it doesn"t occupational for everyone. I still can not usage MnK also after unplugging the controller :( usage the controller to go into settings and revolve off the controller, i think it drops under gameplay options yet look about.

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nah didn"t job-related either, i had actually to go right into the gadget manager and also disable all controllers for the MnK to occupational...talk around a pain in the arse!
That"s just how the majority of games are if they have actually controller assistance. They over ride your mouse and also keyboard and make the game go crazy. Be thankful it was simply the major food selection.
That"s exactly how many games are if they have actually controller assistance. They over ride your mouse and keyboard and also make the game go crazy. Be thankful it was simply the primary menu. Um... wtf are you talking about? This is totally untrue. Many games will still get input from mouse and also keyboard or joypads at the very same time. Many pc games are key-board and also mouse by default over a joypad. And also the games that will only allow input from one of the tools at a time typically have an alternative in to easily switch between the devices to pick the one you desire to use. A game totally ignoring the K&M bereason you have a controller plugged in, via no option to change that is very unusual.
I just ran right into this, but I have actually never had actually a controller plugged in.In the end I opened up C:usersMy DocumentsMy GamesFallout4Fallout4Prefs.ini and also set bGamepadEnable=0 .

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Oh thank you exceptionally a lot, I slept on my wiremuch less controller plugged into the earlier of my computer system and never in a million years would certainly have though to examine if I turned it on. This should be a PSA.

Im obtaining the same difficulty never associated controller and also even once i edit the pref file it dosnt woek plz help
There was an Xbox controller in the job manager, even though no controller of any type of kind ever before on the pc. Go to task manager and also if it"s tbelow disabled it, restart the computer. Your key-board and also computer mouse should now job-related without issue
use the controller to go right into settings and also turn off the controller, ... Settings> Gameplay> Controller -> OFF then push START to confirm the adjust. GTG
I want to usage controller AND computer mouse liek i always carry out. this is a joke. feel ripped off acquiring it for free.

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