Fallout 4 save data location

If you’re modding Fallout 4 or changing some of the settings exterior of the game, you will certainly should discover the place of the save papers. Why? Due to the fact that located next to the conserve files are the games main configuration documents, additionally known as ini records.

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If you’re around to make some significant changes to the game, you’ll probably desire to earlier up your conserves which you can perform by ssuggest copying them and also moving them to one more folder. Later on when you desire to regain a conserve, just paste it ago right into the folder and also you’ll have the ability to fill it up.

Otherwise, perhaps you just want to mass delete some old saves for organisation. All you have to do is delete the files and also it won’t corrupt or mess up your game.

Finding Fallout 4 Save Location

On Windows, you have the right to uncover your conserve game files in ‘My Documents’. This is a library folder on your computer system wbelow most papers and also save files are stored, you’ll especially desire to look inside the ‘My Games’ folder when inside ‘My Documents’.

Inside the ‘My Games’ folder, you need to currently have the ability to spot the Fallout4 folder. Inside, tright here are ini configuration records such as Fallout4.ini, Fallout4Custom.ini and also Fallout4Prefs.ini which you can desire to edit if you are modding or customizing your game.

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