Fallout 4 stuck on loading screen ps4

I"ve had actually no concerns via my Fallout 4 before. All of a sudden, my game will not begin or play. It have the right to never acquire past the initial loading display wright here it claims "Please Standby." Then the display screen goes black while a little loading icon appears on the bottom appropriate edge. Nopoint happens and I obtain booted out to the Xbox one residence screen.

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I"ve tried EVERYTHING. I did a power cycle on my xbox one. I unmounted and reset up the game. Still nothing. I then assumed the disc had actually been scratched so I uninstalled the game and bought a new Fallout 4 which I downloaded. Still the problem is the same. Are there any remedies to this? Is tright here any type of way to gain a remoney for buying the new version?

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Net Expert
Replied on August 9, 2016

In a situation choose this, I"m just thinking of two possible things that might prevent Fallout 4 from loading:

Corrupted game cache? Dying difficult drive inside Xbox One.

When playing a game, the game immediately sets aside some "booked space" (or cache) in the Xbox so some points could effectively pack quicker while playing. Sometimes, the cache have the right to randomly obtain corrupted and it could prevent the game from loading correctly.

From the major menu, go to "My Games & Apps" Find "Fallout 4" in your library of games. Go to "Manage Game" On the left side, go down to "Saved Data". Delete the item that states "Reserved Space". It could be approximately 2GB in size (at leastern for me). This is simply the momentary game cache. (The item with your gamertag is your game saves)Attempt to run Fallout 4 now.

If Fallout 4 still doesn"t work after deleting the cache, then this might suggest a difficulty via the difficult drive.

Let"s simply view what happens once you delete the cache initially. Blog post earlier via results!

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Sorry this didn't assist.

Great! Thanks for your feedago.

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Replied on August 10, 2016

Thanks for the response Net Expert. I have actually been chatting via some support staff also.

I did indeed try to delete the scheduled space. It didn"t work-related.

When chatting via support, they argued 2 points. That my difficult copy disc is scratched/defective and that"s why that wasn"t working. I disagree through them because, as pointed out, I additionally downloaded a version of the game which is stuck with the very same problem on the exact same display.

2nd, they can see that my downloaded version didn"t sync up via my xbox account. They could see I purchased the downfill, yet for whatever reason it wouldn"t sync with my account which was bring about worries. However, I adhered to their instructions and deleted my xbox gamertag account from the xbox, power cycled the xbox off, then restarted and resigned in through my profile. That didn"t job-related.

While support is refunding my downloaded game purchase, their following idea is to repurchase the fallout 4 game on a various console such as a PC in order to obtain it to sync better with my profile. I"m refusing to perform this as I don"t want to spend any even more money on this and it seems ridiculous to be compelled to purchase an xbox one game on my COMPUTER and then work via moving it over.

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I think you may be best around an issue via my hard drive, although I have to note eexceptionally various other game I have actually appears to be working effectively.