Fallout 4 windowed borderless resolution

My Fallout 4 wasn"t loading so I switched it to home windows mode yet it"s really tiny. Is there anymeans I have the right to make the window bigger?

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Before the game launches, wright here you select Options to readjust to Window Mode, you can change the resolution:


Otherwise, if you"re trying to readjust the home window to an extra certain dimension, you deserve to perform so by editing and enhancing Fallout4Prefs.ini. In Windows Explorer (I"m assuming Windows, if you use one more OS I"m certain you have the right to number this out) navigate to your Fallout 4 conserves folder, likely:

DocumentsFallout4In below you"ll uncover a paper called Fallout4Prefs.ini. First make a backup in instance you muck it up. Open this file in Notepad or your favourite message editor, and also discover the following values:

iSize H=450iSize W=800These refer to the height and also width of your window, respectively. Change these worths to whatever before you would like. As an example:

iSize H=1280iSize W=1900Save the file, then relaunch Fallout 4. Once previous the menu, you"ll watch the home window is currently at the size you set. Keep in mind these values just apply if you"ve schosen Window Mode in Fallout 4

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