Fallout 4 windowed mode fullscreen

After downloading 200+ mods and also sorting them out, I start the game and also... And can"t make it play in a appropriate window size/resolution.

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I gave up and also deleted it currently, yet I hope that someone has actually discovered a solution which I may use to play Sim Settlements + Conqueror, and also gain this buggy yet remarkable game again.

Any help is appreciated.


1) I tried assorted combinations of FallotPrefs ini file, which must occupational, yet no matter what I do, it is constantly windowed bordermuch less smaller than a display screen.

2) I tried reinstalling NVidia vehicle drivers.

3) I tried launching the game from NVidia endure as fullscreen.

4) I tried changing display resolution to anything from 1280 to 1920 and various heights (my display screens are 16:9 each).

5) I tried to disaffix one of monitors.

6) I tried to run the game in compatibility mode settings where DPI is adjusted from Application to System.

7) I tried running through miscellaneous ENB in case it does somepoint.


Still it starts a window which ALWAYS appears to be 1280x720, via low res dispay (if I readjust my display screen resolution to 1280x720, it"s still unplayable, because the home window is offset).

There"s always a window header saying Fallout.

It is never fullscreen.


If it matters, my graphical card is GeForce 1050 Ti (and also the game says it does not detect the hardware once I recollection INI settings), I have actually Windows 10 64bit and also I think I tried whatever I could google.

Any reminder (that I hasn"t tried yet) is very appreciated.

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I am simply wondering why would certainly it completely disregard Fullscreen establishing and also go to window.

And yes, I tried to rebegin PC multiple times, deleted/reinstalled NVidia motorists and also reset up FO4 3 times.

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I resolved it by myself, hopefully it will help someone else.


If you use OneDrive, you deserve to select it to save your Documents to OneDrive (appropriate click cloud symbol in bottom right -> settings -> autoconserve -> protect documents).

That alters document path from c:users\files to c:usersonedrivepapers.


The game INI papers and conserves are conserved tbelow simply fine, however Fallout4 cannot load it from that folder and also defaults to whatever before.

I figured it out hard time by running Process Monitor and seeing the game trying to fill INI from default area and also failing through "file not found".


Hopetotally it helps someone else in the very same instance.


To clarify: you should speak protecting your Documents in OneDrive and also re-launch the game launcher settings.

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My Son had actually to reinstall Windows to remove the Onedrive issue. With the moment it required to find and also fix the trouble he didn"t even want to look at the game anymore.


I have actually had reoptions problems through this game from day one. 

I play at 4k. If I collection the screen to widowed mod the game will certainly fill in the top left edge of the screen at 1920 X 1080.  On Windows 7 the game would just load in at 1920 X 1080 without the monitor driver.

Sometimes I feel that if I also breath on the settings the game will certainly no much longer load properly.

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In a means Skyrim is worse given that it lots a 1920 X 1080 display first, then lots a 4k display. The 1920 X 1080 screen disshows up when I click it a lot of of the time. If it does not the game will certainly load into the peak left corner at 1080p. It additionally won"t fill in with a windowed mode.


I feel lucky exceptionally time these games pack bereason I know at some point they will certainly not.