Fallout new vegas clean install

How do I delete every little thing fallout NV from my computer? Including mods, NMM and whatever. I have actually the vapor client mounted on my SSD and the FNV exe installed to my 500gb HDD. What execute I should delete so I have the right to entirely, 100% start from scrape.

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Here are the procedures. What /u/Titan357 said is mostly correct, however if you do it his method the mods will certainly not uninstall and also records will certainly be left over (uninstalling the game in vapor does NOT get rid of all mods)

Use Steam Back-up to backup your game, It will just take the core files, it will certainly not touch any kind of modded records. (push vapor / backup and also gain back games)

Once backed up, Right click on the game and also uninstall it in heavy steam, this will remove the game (all of the mods will still be there)

Go to your fallout folder, which by default is C: egime files(x86)steamsteamappscommonFallout New Vegas - Delete the folder "fallout new vegas" (In your situation, wherever before you have the game saved)

Find wright here you installed Nexus mod manager (appropriate click on it, go to properties, it will certainly tell you its location) Uninstall the mod manager, if it asks to delete mods, say yes. Once it is uninstalled, make certain the folder it was in is likewise gone, if not, delete it.

If you are not backing up saves, delete your whole My Games/Fallout New Vegas folder (this will certainly get rid of every one of your settings and saves)

Use Steambackas much as reinstall New Vegas

In vapor, best click the game, go to properties, go to "regional content"' and also click "verify integrity of steam cache" this will certainly ensure all the backed up records are all there.

Run the game once through heavy steam, this will certainly create your new settings files in My Games/Fallout New Vegas (you must perform this for NMM to run)

Install Nexus Mod Manager.

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If you have actually the tough drive room, I recommfinish copying and pasting your Steamapps/common/Fallout New Vegas folder (or wherever it is saved) before modding. This way, if you desire to do this in the future, you have the right to just uninstall mods using the mod manager (to clean it up) and delete your old brand-new vegas folder, renaming your backup to the correct name. That will conserve you 90% of the time this takes.

When you begin adding new mods, take right into significant consideration what order you install them in (not simply load order). A lot of mods modify the very same papers, the best mistakes I watch human being make are installing mods overpeak of mods that have currently modified a file. In the situation of things prefer menus for example (Project Nevada, Hud Mods, MCM, many type of gameplay mods) installing them in the wrong order have the right to make others not attribute.

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Doing a clean install is constantly worth it, also though it takes rather a lengthy time once you gain all your mods aget, just make certain if you're going this much, you perform it all right. Read eextremely mod web page as you install, make certain you have actually excellent pack order (usage BOSS), look for compatibility patches, and if making use of a lot of mods, create an unified patch via FNVedit.