Fallout new vegas crashes a lot

FalloutNew Vegas is a post-apocalyptic video game with an activity role-playing feature in it. This game is released on PlayStation 3 and also Xbox 360 both and also gamers are exceptionally excited to play the game.

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As gamers have actually began playing the game, they are encountering many worries such as crashing, freezing, stuttering, low FPS and also others, due to which their game is acquiring interrupted.

If you are among those passionate gamers who are dealing with this concern and also looking for a solution then you will gain the appropriate fixes to resolve these errors in this short article.

But prior to using any of the fixes initially, go with the mechanism requirements of the game and check whether your mechanism is compatible via this game or not.

System Requirement for Playing Fallout New Vegas


OS: Windows XP 32System Memory: 1 GB RAMProcessor: Intel Pentium 4 2.53GHz / AMD Athlon XP 2500+Graphics: AMD Radeon X850 Series or NVIDIA GeForce 6800 GSStorage: 10 GB Hard drive spaceDirectX 9 Compatible Graphics Card


OS: Windows XP 32System Memory: 3 GB RAMProcessor: Intel Pentium Dual-Core E5200 2.5GHz / AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 5800+Graphics: AMD Radeon HD 3870 or NVIDIA GeForce GT 140Storage: 10 GB Hard drive space

How to Fix Fallout New Vegas Video Game Errors?

Well, tright here are some worries confronted by the players when playing Fallout New Vegas Game and below are the services to those troubles.

Check out the fixes and proceed playing the game without any kind of interruption.

Table of Contents

1: Fallout New Vegas Crashing Issue

Many players are reporting that the game Fallout New Vegas Crashing in the middle because of which they are shedding their game.

In order to Fallout New Vegas crash fix, run the game in compatibility mode. Follow the steps to perform so:

Right-click on Fallout New Vegas game symbol and also pick propertiesClick on compatibility tab tick mark on Run this program in compatibility modeClick on OK


Now, run the game and see if Fallout New Vegas crashing worry shows up aacquire or not.

Anvarious other reason for the game to crash is once the drivers are outdated. So, upday the drivers to settle the Fallout brand-new Vegas crash problem.

You deserve to attempt Driver Booster to update the motorists. It not just updays motorists yet additionally fix all drivers related troubles.

2: Fallout New Vegas Freezing

Fallout New Vegas Freeze randomly just prefer BSOD error on definite multi-core hardware surrounding due to incompatibilities through the game engine. You can attempt to avert these problems by setting the boundary to use just 2 cores.

Follow the procedures to solve this issue:

Go to my documents and also unlock fallout.ini under the folder of mygamesfalloutNV using a text editor favor notepad.

Search string bUseThreadedAI=0Rename as bUseThreadedAI=1Under over add a line as iNumHWThreads=2Save before closing this fileRepeat all the actions aacquire for fallout_default.ini in installation under default folder of C:Program Files (x86)Bethesda SoftworksFallout New Vegas)

3: Fallout New Vegas Mousage Acceleration Issue

The sudden computer mouse acceleration concern is really annoying as hell. In order to get fallout new Vegas computer mouse fix, then follow the below-provided steps:

Under My documentsMy gamesfallout NV, go to Falloutprefs.ini and open it through a text editor.Under this file locate the regulate segment.Under this area include the lines as complies with,






Save the file and also cshed it, now get rid of the read-only feature under file assets.After this game have to be restarted to inspect whether the mouse acceleration error is reresolved or not.Repeat the initially 3 actions for file Fallout_default.ini situated under Steamsteamappscommonfallout new vegas.

4: Fallout New Vegas Stuttering Issue

If you are dealing with stuttering problem your COMPUTER needs to keep 60fps or else the whole engine slows dvery own.

Set the iFPSClamp to 30 if you plan to cap the framework rate to 30fps via somepoint like RTSS or DXTORY.

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If you are willing to play the game through a variable framework price rather of locked 60 or 30, then you will have to leave iFPSClamp collection to 0.

This will certainly rerelocate stuttering of the game that occurs once panning the cam horizontally

Navigate to Fallout brand-new Vegas folder that is found in “My Documents”.Open “FALLOUT.INI” through notepad or notepad++


Search for “iFPSClamp“Change the value from 0 to 60 and also it will certainly look like; iFPSClamp=60Save and also cshed.

After performing the over procedures Fallout new Vegas will no longer stutter.

5: Fallout New Vegas Audio Stutter

Without appropriate audio, tright here is no excitement in playing the game. If you are facing a fallout new Vegas audio stutter issue then tbelow can be feasible reasons.

Here are some services that deserve to help you deal with the audio stutter issue:

Disable surround sound output in your Pc and also allow the Stereo speaker setup.Lower the sampling rate of the sound card to at least 48000hzRun the game in Windowed Mode. This seems to solve lagging audio for some.Make sure your sound card drivers are updated.

Try the fixes, I am sure that anyone solution will certainly occupational to fix the fallout new Vegas audio stutter worry in the game.

6: Fallout New Vegas Low FPS

Sometimes, if you are using hardware of low-end video, you might confront the game through performance lag in addition to stuttering, low FPS and frame rate with jerkiness.

If you enrespond to the same trouble collection the water multisampling setting to low. Lower end GPU was found to be eliminated by this and also if disabled it offered a noticeable performance rise.

You deserve to likewise attempt Game Booster to deal with the Low FPS issue in Fallout New Vegas and also boosts the gaming experience.

Run the Game Booster and deal with the problem encountering in Fallout New Vegas.

It boosts the gamesOptimize the PC for responsive gameplayPlay the game much faster than beforeGet much better FPS rate


That’s it.

These were the errors that are encountered by the players as soon as playing the Fallout New Vegas game.

I have noted dvery own the services to get rid of such errors so that you can play the game via ease.

Acomponent from this, occasionally it happens that as a result of the Windows PC issue tright here are possibilities of the game to get interrupted. Therefore, to settle any type of such issue you have the right to attempt the PC Repair Tool.

This tool will swipe off the errors and also concern that occurs in your Windows COMPUTER and also clear the difficulties.

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It is supposed you chosen this article and also it assisted you in addressing all your queries.