Fallout new vegas menu not working

So i recently began fnv and in the main food selection i have no options at all they are invisible anypoint i deserve to carry out to solve this thanks- XRhino

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This normally implies your missing a understand in your pack order. If you use NMM the plugins tab is exceptionally valuable for finding any conflicts.
veloxmortem I had actually this trouble prior to once i was running hefty mods where the game would certainly fill but none of the alternatives would show up attempt reducing the amount of mods you have actually slowly and see if that does it likewise as has actually been declared over look for any type of missing masters,and also if all else falls short (if utilizing steam)verify the game cache
So i tried reducing my mods from 121 to 96 still nopoint and verifying the game cache is stuck at 0 % any kind of various other way?
tpmmazo I think that problem has actually something to do with Darnified and also Cell HUD. Make certain you uninstall those and also attempt and load the games again to view if that does anything because many likely your food selection.xml files gained messed up. Also might be a difficulty through the fonts in your FalloutPrefs.ini file. Make certain you are utilizing the ideal font for the best mod.Darnified Font:

Chaosyn It indicates there is a mod that is crashing your startup.... It will certainly fill the intro displays and also title screens but will not let you fill the actual game right? I had that difficulty also, it implies that among your mods that has actually been set up given that the last time you played is messed up. It sucks but you"ll need to go with them one by one to figure out which one it is....and then uninstall it or watch if you missed a deal with somewbelow or if the records are in the right locations,or if it disputes with one more mod (Load order mods don"t pick up ALL conflicts)

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liljonesy04 I get this eextremely now and then it is bereason among your mods is missing its Master file. Ssuggest go through your pack order and also examine each mod to view if it requires a understand file above it in the fill order, this have to resolve your trouble.
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FNV No options upon primary food selection launch
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