Fallout new vegas mouse fix

Following the instructions below, I"ve readjusted my Fallout_default.ini accordingly:

bAlwaysRunByDefault=1bBackground Mouse=0bBackground Keyboard=1fForegroundMouseAccelBase=0fForegroundMouseAccelTop=0fForegroundMouseBase=0fForegroundMouseMult=0 However, computer mouse acceleration is still exceptionally obviously in impact.

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I"ve tried the following:

replicated these alters in Documentsmy gamesFalloutNVFallout.inirerelocated Documentsmy gamesFalloutNVFallout.ini (it was not automatically regenerated)

What is the problem?


Would assist if you confirmed in OS settings you are additionally not employing computer mouse acceleration. –user122639 Jul 31 "16 at 14:08
The reason why my ini edits were not taking effect is because Mod Organizer provides a copy of the original ini papers, then supplies the copy as soon as launching the game. This is in line via the viewpoint of Mod Organizer, that is to not make any terrible transforms or to contaminate the original game files.

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Here is the switch to edit Mod Organizer"s copy of the ini file:


After pasting the very same lines below, the new computer mouse acceleration settings were in effect. Tbelow was nopoint wrong via Mod Organizer, my fault for not knowing just how to use it properly


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