Fallout3 exe ordinal not found

Hi, I cannot play Fallout 3 on Windows 10. I gain the error "The ordinal 5360 might not be situated in the dynamic connect library D:Fallout3Fallout3.exe" I have actually set up the patch to v1.7. and readjusted the .net settings. I have actually had actually this game for years, however never played it. I have some time and also would certainly like to play FO3 and then pick up FO4 prior to the new one comes out. Thanks for the aid.

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I do not recontact equivalent errors, or a .NET settings solve, however FO3 has numerous troubles (the fixes listed below additionally used on Win7 too).

- You should use Compatibility via Vista sp1.

- I believe you will need to install the currently defunct Gamings For Windows Live client as well, also though GFWL is long dead and buried.

GFWL Setup - (Steam link) (MS have actually deleted the downpack from their site. Thanks MS.... )

- The various other big issue is through quad core cpu"s. This will reason the game to lock up in the first few moments of gameplay.

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The disc based variation additionally had actually a trouble with an audio codec. I don"t recall what the actual problem was.

Open up the fallout.ini file in My DocumentsMy GamesFallout3 (make a copy initially for backup)Find the line:bUseThreadedAI=0 (Open the ini file through notepad - Click Edit - then find - Copy this line and also paste it right into the "uncover what" box)readjust it to:bUseThreadedAI=1Add another line (tap Enter on keyboard) and also insert: iNumHWThreads=2This will certainly limit the game to 2 cores and also prevent the engine bug from bring about the game to freeze.------- For people that still crash --------Instead of iNumHWThreads=2, change it to iNumHWThreads=1

- Even if the codec does not reason troubles, and also you have actually not already installed an additional codec fill,

it wouldn"t hurt to install the - Windows 10 Codec Pack

- If you are in the halittle bit of not conserving frequently to produce a bit more of a challenge be careful not to wait too lengthy.

FO3, as via FO-NV and the Elder Scrolls series, is susceptible to seemingly random crashes.

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Saves are likewise prone to corruption, so you might have to roll earlier to an earlier conserve at some allude in the game.

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