Feature update to windows 10, version 1809 - error 0xc1900130

Windows Update error is the the majority of familiar term for the Windows users. Users often enrespond to the worries through the Update errors. Tright here are different factors for the Update errors to occur. Recently, few users encountered an concern through Windows Update error 0xc1900130 while installing the Updays on Windows computer systems.

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RECOMMENDED: Fix this worry in 3 simple steps. Takes only 2 minutes.1) Downfill repair energy.2) Install routine and click Scan switch.3) Click Fix Errors button when scan is completed.4) Restart your computer system.

The error message shows up as:

There were difficulties installing some updates, however we’ll try aobtain later on. If you keep seeing this and desire to search the web or contact assistance for indevelopment, this may help: error 0xc1900130.


After completing this procedure, reboot your computer system and also try installing the Updates. Windows Updays need to occupational fine this time without the error 0xc1900130. If the error continues to be, you deserve to continue through the even more steps.

Disable/Uninstall Anti-Virus program:

As stated over, faulty or the corrupted security regimen on your computer might reason the Windows Upday error 0xc1900130. In this case, we indicate you try disabling your Anti-Virus regimen or the Windows Firewall temporarily and view if the Upday functions fine.

If the Windows Updays start working fine after disabling, you can attempt reinstalling the Anti-Virus regime on your computer system.

Refer the below web links to perdevelop the forced tasks.

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How to temporarily disable any Anti-Virus program?

List of Anti-Virus removal tools.

Downpack and also install updates manually:

If the automatic updays and the over troubleshooting steps did not job-related, you have the right to try downloading the updays manually and also install them on your computer.

This procedure is quite simple. You need to inspect which updates are failed on your computer.

To execute that Click on Start button, and then select Settings > Change PC settings > Update and recovery > Windows Update > View your upday history.

Make a list of failed updates. Visit Microsoft Update Catalog webwebsite search for KB, downpack and install them. This need to solve the issue through update error 0xc1900130. If the error continues, you deserve to try with the System Reset. You can refer listed below procedures to perdevelop the same.

Perdevelop System Reset:

If the above troubleshooting actions did not job-related, you can attempt perdeveloping the System Reset. This procedure will certainly recollection all the System Settings to default state and solve all kinds of Operating System associated issues. Refer the listed below attach to percreate System Reset on your computer.

How to perform System Reset on Windows 10?

This should deal with the concern via Windows Upday error 0xc1900130 on your computer.

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I hope that the over troubleshooting actions aid you to deal with the problem via Windows Upday error 0xc1900130 and also install further updates without any concerns. If you need any assist, you deserve to comment us listed below. You can additionally ask more on our Forum.