File record segment is unreadable

How To Fix The "File document segment is unreadable" Error

If you have actually encountered the "Data document segment is unreadable" error, do not neglect it. Take activity as quickly as feasible, because the error deserve to lead to more major difficulties such as data loss. This message commonly shows up when in search of disk errors or sindicate trying to begin a Windows computer.

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File document segment is unreadable" suggests that tright here is a difficulty through the hard drive. This can suppose that the hard drive was corrupted physically or logically, is failing, and you are at risk of losing your information. It is possible that multiple negative sectors on the tough disk are leading to this error. You are strongly advised to generate backups before you lose your data. The seriousness of this trouble counts on exactly how many negative sectors exist. I.e., how many type of "Documents record segment is unreadable" error lines show up on your display screen. It is feasible to deal with this problem by running and also executing a command within Command also Prompt as shown in this guide.

NOTE: If you are unable to begin Windows typically and obtain this error on operating mechanism startup, you will must boot into Safe Mode. To uncover out exactly how to begin Windows in Safe Setting, read this guide and usage the "Interrupt Windows Boot Process" strategy described at the link formerly given. Additionally, usage the Windows Installation CD/DVD/USB and boot Windows right into Safe Mode utilizing the Automatic Repair (Advanced Startup) display. You have the right to likewise use the F8 essential (or F10, or various other function key, depending on your computer). Keep pressing it till the Windows logo shows up (i.e. start pressing the attribute essential instantly after you turn on your computer).


Table of Contents:

Downpack Computer Malware Repair Tool
It is recommended to run a complimentary scan through Malwarebytes - a tool to detect malware and resolve computer errors. You will certainly should purchase the complete version to remove infections and also remove computer system errors. Free trial available.

Run A Chkdsk Command 

Tright here is a integrated tool in Windows tool accessible to examine the integrity of disks. It examines disks and also corrects many widespread errors. You deserve to run this tool from the command line or through a graphical interchallenge. In this guide, we present just how to run it via Command also Prompt. If you are unable to begin Windows normally, you can run it once in Safe Setting, or from the Cutting edge Startup display screen. If you have actually began Windows in Safe Setting, open up Command also Prompt as administrator by inputting "command also prompt" in Search and also clicking the "Command also Prompt", and also then picking the "Run as administrator" option.

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Type the "chkdsk C: /r" command also and press Go into on the key-board. Rearea "C" with the letter of your computer system hard drive (if it is not the C: drive you desire to shave the right to or the Windows operating system is on another drive).


You will be asked if you want to restart your computer to perdevelop the scan. Type "Y" and also push Get in. Wait for the chkdsk procedure to complete and check out if this command readdressed the "File record segment is unreadable" error.

Connect Your Hard Disk To Another Computer

If the difficult disk is failing because of physical damage (scratches and also equivalent defects), save your records by connecting the hard drive to a different/functioning computer. If you are not sure exactly how to affix a tough drive to an additional computer system, look for out an experienced technician. When the difficult drive is linked, it will certainly appear as an additional drive in "My Computer" or "This PC". You deserve to then copy your documents (if the drive is not too damaged) onto a working tough drive or external drive. Apply this approach whether your disk is damaged physically or logically. Then format the damaged drive and view if you have the right to install and run Windows on it, or if you must totally relocation it.

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Clone Your Hard Drive

Another means to save your files and also data is to clone your current drive to a brand-new one. If the records are still undamaged, you should have the ability to clone them. This, yet, does not expect that you will certainly be able to save 100% of your papers. You will certainly also should get a new drive and also drive cloning software application. After cloning the hard drive (if you must conserve your files), you deserve to try to attempt to format your old hard drive. This will erase all data stored, yet could allow you to usage it in future if the damage was logical and also not physical.

We hope that your difficult drive was not also seriously damaged and also you were able to settle the "Documents document segment is unreadable" error by running a chkdsk command also. Many customers reported that running this command readdressed the difficulty. If you know of another approach that fixed this difficulty without the need to format the difficult drive and it is not pointed out in our overview, please perform not hesitate to share it with us and others by leaving a comment in the section below.