Fivem voice chat not working

**GTA V version? Newest**Up to date? Yes**Legit or Piprice copy? Legit**Steam/CD/Social Club? Steam**Windows version? Windows 8.1**Did you attempt to delete caches.xml and attempt again? YES

System specifications - AMD FX-4300, EVGA GeForce GTX 960 4GB, 8 GB RamWhat did you perform to acquire this issue? - sign up with a ServerWhat server did you get this problem on? - fivem.grandtheftauto.caCitizenFX.log file.dmp files/report IDs

If an concern via starting:GTA V folder screenshotGTA V/update/x64/dlcpacks screenshotFilepath to FiveM folderFiveM client folder screenshotDid you try to disable/uninstall your Anti-virus?

I have actually tried turning my mic on and off in the voice chat settings, i can hear everyone else, yet as soon as i press my PTT crucial, it does not present im talking


having the very same problem and also have not discovered a settle yet.the only point I adjusted was switched from avast! endallude security suite plus antivirus to kaspersky labs endpoint security antivirus given that it functioned yesterday prior to the upday happened yesterday.

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Found the Solution(for me at least) and also perhaps fivem developers deserve to resolve thisIt appears Kasperskies Labs Endallude Security Antivirus doesn’t like FiveM trying to someexactly how use mumble to initialize audio capture gadget, as once Kaspersky is on, it states faibrought about start audio capture tool - IAudioClientWhen Kasperskies is off, it doesn’t care and also it works.

right click the volume icon on the bottom right of windows and press recording tools. MAKE SURE the recording device you have selected is the one that matches up via FiveM. ALSO, disable any recording gadget that may be active and that you are not making use of.

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I have actually tried both of yours ideas, but I’m still unable to talk in game chat, i am utilizing teamsoptimal at the exact same time and also one im on the server for around 5 minutes, my audio for teamspeak cuts out

Try turning the Mic Off on Setups then turning it ago on.

If thats a failTry turning off Mic on the area then talk, some servers have actually somepoint that Mic Blocks.

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