Flash drive not showing files

Are you unable to view any of the folders of a USB device on your computer? If that is the situation then you don’t have to concern even more. This trouble may occur due to a virus or a document corruption in the usb drive. Sindicate follow these basic fixes on your computer and also you will certainly be able to accessibility the papers on your usb device in no time at all.

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Fix-1 Recover concealed files-

You deserve to recoup all the records from the USB by passing a command through Command also Prompt.

1. Press Windows key+E. This will certainly open up up File Explorer.

2. Now, click the “This PC“.

3. At the following step, you need to note dvery own the drive letter of the USB Drive (Example– For us the drive letter of the USB device is “F:” ).


4. Press Windows Key+R to launch Run.

5. Type “cmd” in Run home window and also then push “ Ctrl+ Shift + Enter” together.


Command Prompt window via administrative rights will be opened.

5. In Command Prompt home window, copy-paste and modify according to your device the command also and also then hit Enter to execute it.

attrib -h -r -s /s /d *.*

Example– Rearea the “ through the drive letter of the USB drive. It is the letter ‘F:‘ so, in this situation, the command will look prefer this-

attrib -h -r -s /s /d f:*.*


This procedure may take a while to be complete.

After closing the Command Prompt, attempt to accessibility the files/ folders on the usb.

Your difficulty will certainly be addressed.

Fix-2 Access the USB folder from the internet browser window-

If you can’t access the usb file/ folders from Data Explorer, you can perform it from your web browser home window.

1. Press Windows key+E and also click on the “This PC“.

2. Now, double click on your usb drive to access it.


3. Now, on the resolve bar, right-click on the drive letter (such as H:/ or F:/ or G:/, etc) and also then click “Copy“.


5. Now, open up a internet browser window.

6. Paste the drive letter in the deal with bar of the internet browser window and hit Enter to accessibility the files/ folders of the usb drive.

7. You will certainly watch the folders of the usb drive in the browser home window.


8. Minimize the browser home window.

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9. Now, right-click in Desktop, click on “New” and click “Folder“.


10. Double click on “New folder” to open up it.

11. Maximize the web browser home window.

12. Now, drag the folders/ papers from the browser home window to the new folder window in order to create a copy of the folders in usb device.


Repeat the feat for eexceptionally other file/ folder you want to move.

That’s it! This method you deserve to develop a new folder and deliver the records from your USB drive without accessing it from File Explorer.

Fix-3 Assign a drive letter-

If tright here is no drive letter associated with the usb drive you will not be able to access it.

1. To open up the Data Explorer window press Windows key+E together.

2. In the Data Explorer window, ssuggest click “This PC” and also then click on “Manage“.


Computer Management window will be opened.

3. In the Computer Management window, on the left-hand side, click “Disk Management“.


4. You will certainly view the partitions of your hard drive including the removable USB drive.

5. Right-click on the usb drive partition and then click on “Change Drive Letter and also Paths…“.


6. Click on “Add” to asauthorize a brand-new drive letter.


7. In Add Drive Letter or Path home window, click “Assign the complying with drive letter“.

8. Now, click on the drop-dvery own beside the alternative and also choose any drive letter (Like “F:“).


9. Finally, click on “OK” to use the alters to your computer system.


Close Computer Management window.

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Try to accessibility the USB drive. You will certainly have the ability to watch the usb drive and accessibility it.