Fontdrvhost.exe usermode font driver host

Do you have actually doubts around Fontdrvorganize.exe? Want to understand whether it is a genuine file or a virus? Worry not; we’ve acquired it covered. Here in this short article, we will certainly comment on all usermode font driver hosts (fontdrvorganize.exe).

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If you alert also many ads popping up on the device, your mechanism behaves weirdly, tbelow is a performance lag, your browser’s house page and search engine have actually been changed, or records suddenly disshow up. These are the symptoms of your mechanism being infected.

To resolve this scanning, your device via the finest antivirus is recommfinished. For this, we imply trying Systweak Antivirus, a powerful tool that supplies real-time defense, make use of security, malware protection, and also all-round security from the latest and old hazards. To downpack and usage the tool, click below.


Additionally, the process demands bureaucratic privilege to run on all Windows operating devices. You have the right to discover this file under Task Manager by the name User Font Driver Host.


Due to the fact that it is a root process, it have to not be killed because this can affect Windows’s normal functioning.

Typical Error Messeras Caprovided Due to Fontdrvorganize.exe

exe is missingUser-mode font driver organize windows 10 failed to loadexe crashing

Is Fontdrvhold.exe Safe To Use?

Because Microsoft indicators the file, it is safe; but, if you view two instances of fontdrvorganize.exe in the Task Manager, something could be wrong. Thus, to confirm which one is fake or infected, you must head to Task Manager and inspect the file area.

For this, follow the actions below:

1. Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc. This will open up the Task Manager

2. Now click the Details tab and also look for fontdrvhold.exe

3. Under Username, you should watch UMFD-0, and the file area need to be C:WindowsSystem32.,


4. To examine if it is at the sassist location. Select the file and right-click > Open file location.


You’ll be redirected to the location wbelow the file is saved. If it is not under C:WindowsSystem32, opportunities are the file is infected. This means you must take immediate activity and also secure your device.

For this, you have the right to usage Systweak Antivirus or can inspect the list of the best antivirus software application for Windows. To use Systweak Antivirus, follow the procedures below:

1. Download, install, and also launch Systweak Antivirus.



3. Wait for the procedure to finish. Depending on the dimension of the disk, it might take time. Hence, we recommend using it when the mechanism is in an idle state.

4. Once done, quarantine each risk.

5. Restart Windows. Now head to Task Manager and also look for fontdrvhold.exe (Usermode Font Driver). You have to currently be able to watch only one procedure running.

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However before, if you think uninstalling is finest, we define how to uninstall Usermode Font Driver Host on Windows 10.

1. In Windows, search bar form Uninstall > click Add or rerelocate programs.


2. Now look for fontdrvhold or Usermode Font Driver Host > select it and also click Uninstall.

 Rebegin the system; the trouble concerned Usermode Font Driver Host need to currently be readdressed.

How To Confirm fontdrvhost.exe (Usermode Font driver Host) Was Completely Uninstalled

 After rebooting the device, head to Windows Explorer and also check out if the folder through the name of Font Driver Host is still under C:Program Files. Also, examine the Registry for leftovers of Usermode Font driver Host.

To carry out so, follow the steps below:

1. Press Windows + R

2. Type Regmodify > Ok

3. Now under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE> Software, look for Usermode Font driver Host or the name of the producer.

Note: You have to access Windows Registry only if you have a small little of understanding or confidence. Else have the right to skip this action as removing or editing a single entry deserve to injury your mechanism. In enhancement to this, you have the right to use a regisattempt cleaner tool. For this, we recommend using State-of-the-art System Optimizer. This one-click cleaning tool uses assorted modules that encompass a regisattempt cleaning tool, uninstaller, and many kind of even more. You deserve to usage it to settle invalid regisattempt entry, uninstall Font Driver Host, and also perform a lot even more. To use this tool, download it from the button below.

Also, you can check out the comprehensive review & review even more about the tool. This is using any kind of of the procedures above; you can deal with fontdrvorganize.exe High CPU Usage and various other troubles resulted in because of Usermode Font Driver Host.


What is Fontdrvorganize EXE?

 Fontdrvorganize.exe is a actual file and also part of UMFD-0, a mechanism account generated by the User Mode Driver Framework-related component. It helps manage font activity on Windows 10.

What does the routine Usermode font driver hold (Fontdrvorganize.exe) do?

Usermode Font Driver is a software component of Windows font driver. With this file’s help, fonts are managed, and also users can usage fonts in different programs. If this file is infected or not working, you might face many problems through fonts.

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Is it a Malware or Virus?

Fontdrvhost.exe is not malware or virus. It is a legitimate windows process. However, if it is not conserved under C:WindowsSystem32, then the chances of the infected file are tright here. In such a instance utilizing Systweak Antivirus to clean all infections is recommfinished.