Format samsung ssd 850 evo

I"m shortly sending my computer to a repair shop and I desire to wipe my SSD first prior to sfinishing it in. I detatched the 850 Evo SSD from my computer and was wondering if I could connect it to a lapoptimal via an enclosure prefer this one and making use of software program to wipe off / secure erase the information. I don"t have an additional PC to plug my SSD in, so I need to rely on this strategy.

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Yes, you can wipe your SSD by attaching the drive in a USB enclosure to one more computer system.

However before, there is more to think about here:

Due to the nature of how modern-day SSDs job-related, a generic wiping energy will not necessarily erase all your data. Fragments of your information have the right to be left, albeit in an unreadable state. Normally, this is "great sufficient."

However before, if you desire to correctly and also securely wipe your SSD clean, leaving no remnants, you must usage the SSD"s manufacturer particular SSD wiping utility. For Samsung, it is the Samsung Magician Software.

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Yes you can via Windows, Linux, or various other approaches. Layout the drive by connecting it as an external HDD by means of USB or Firewire. Using Windows to format generally has an alternative to not format it easily but rather replace the information via all zeros to truly erase the information both via GUI and also command-line. Linux distros likewise have this capcapability, particularly if your making use of linux with a Live USB while the SSD is actively in your computer. If your making use of linux, there are command-line devices like fdisk, and also parted, and also GUI tools favor Gparted.


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Cautionary actions prior to computer system repair: How to wipe whatever from SSD of dead computer other than for OS

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