Format sd card for car stereo

Hi, recently just bought a Car Player whicih c"ld check out SD CARD & USB drive!! I"m tying to format the card to MS-DOS FAT which is home windows format & drag the mp3 records right into the card or USB drive. Well, I plug it to the player it detected USB or SD CARD however c"ld not play the papers contented on I did wrong or Mac doesn"t able to do it?! Thanks

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Could not play the records or did not uncover them? FAT format is usual for gadgets prefer this. Does the hand-operated that came with the player, or the webwebsite, provide any type of ideas around what is needed? Are tright here any type of limitations on the names of the mp3 files? Dave
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Thanks Dave! It"s a China Made webwebsite at all..haaa..hands-on does not point out a lot on it! I"m wondering is tbelow any kind of root file or catalog s"ld content to let the play understand the path? I"m so unlucky..hope some c"ld help me up!
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Please attempt to protect against utilizing abbreviations. They make knowledge your short article tough. I think the worry is you didn"t quite format the drive appropriate. You"re cshed though. In *Disk Utility*, in the Partition tab, you must check out an Options... button in the lower left edge, beneath the *Volume Scheme* box. Click the Options... switch and also select *MBR (Master Boot Record)* in that window. From tbelow, you need to be able to format the drive as FAT. Hopecompletely reformatting solves the problem. ~Lyssa
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Does it find the records and not play them or is it not able to uncover any files? (And examine the format as argued by Lyssa.) Dave

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Huh..i"ld choose to say thanks again too all friends here! I usage the Master Boot Record while format! For USB thumb drive ,it open up but no content inside the window! For the SD card, it detected & shown STOP icon & SD E.. What"s wrong?! Wierd
It is either in search of a specific catalog containing the records, or the filenames you are utilizing are not considered valid. Try placing a paper on tright here and also rename it to a.mp3 and check out if it deserve to see that. Can you carry out the make and model variety of the player? Or any other identifying names/codes? Dave
Ok Dave, I"ll attempt to put a simple file name as you pointed out "a.mp3" soon!! My player is "avsystem", btw I even c"ld not find any kind of website regardingly to the brand also, haaa..but it"s a China Made!! I try out a numerous format like wmv, avi, mp4, wave...yet appears is the root/magazine difficulty..wierd!! I"ll attempt to format it on WINDOWS & view how"s the outcome then..
Do a google search for "avdevice car mp3 player" and try to recognize the device. I doubt you will certainly obtain any real aid here unless you can recognize the specific player you have. Dave
huh..Dave, i"ve attempt out prefer this... Using a PC to Style my USB & SD Card 1) OLD 512MB SD (FAT Format) 2) NEW 4GB SDHC (FAT32 Format) 3) OLD 4GB (FAT32) 4) NEW Kingston 8GB (FAT32 Format) Only "2" the new 4GB SDHC which formated in FAT32 Faibrought about play and also also open up Root window on my player... What do you think? Why Style to MS-DOS FAT on Mac c"ld not successful? Need your brainstorming...thanks!!!
It might be that your tool is choking on the invisible documents that your Mac leaves on it. Try this to get rid of that junk:
Hi, I execute not understand if this helps but I spfinish rather most time on ebay and also tbelow have actually been complaints of some memory cards or USB drives from China being forgeries and also do not work-related. Just a believed, Alan

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many thanks Alan, But this is rather a wrong concern or complaint!! I did it finally. Most of the Player who constructed with SD Card slot will just reganise FAT16 yet nowadays all formated to FAT32 instantly...So, Once Formated to FAT16 it"ll work. FAT16 will certainly just posible to Layout if the Card capacity is listed below 2GB. For USB Pendrive, It job-related on both FAT32 & FAT16. Back to the fundamental, a lot of of the Player programme every little thing as necessary to Windows or DOS, It"s a Must to format a Card or Pendrive on PC to make it work-related well on many Player!! I just guess, it"s possibly led to by the Root Documents or the Directory...PC formatting administer the Directory to let the player open up the folder and read the file well... Correct me if i"m wrong..haaaa..simply my 2 cents after doing some experiments these few days.. Thanks aget for all that willing to assist here!!