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I am running the Boot Camp Assistant on El Capitan. Whenever I reach the 3rd screen, titled "Save Windows Support Software", on which I have the right to select an storage medium to conserve the Windows assistance software program to, I am shown the following error message upon choosing a disk and hitting "Continue": "Please format the USB drive as single FAT partition.".

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I am making use of a Transcend 16GB USB drive. I have actually formatted it as FAT via Disk Utility. I have tried eexceptionally possible partition plan. I have also tried formatting the drive as Ex-Fat, aobtain in combicountry with all three partition schemes. I keep seeing the error message. There seem to be a fair variety of people who have actually encountered the very same worry, and for some it was resolved by formatting the drive as FAT with a MBR partition scheme. For others but this did not work.

Any advice on how to make the Boot Camp Assistant accept my USB drive would be much appreciated.

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asked Mar 29 "16 at 21:50

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After some trial and also error, I ultimately identified what the problem was and found a solution. Hopetotally this will assist those that come across this thcheck out via the same problem.

The problem: Reformatting making use of Disk Utility did not produce a kid partition, however just formatted the totality drive as FAT. In Disk Utility one deserve to derive this from the "Partition" button being greyed out as soon as the USB drive is schosen. In Terminal, the diskutil list command also mirrors the USB drive having actually only one DeviceNode (labelled 0).

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The solution: Reformatting the USB drive utilizing diskutil in Terminal. This is the command line tantamount of Disk Utility, yet unprefer its GUI Countercomponent, it creates a kid partition, which consequently solves the error thrown by Boot Camp Assistant.

WARNING: Proceed via caution! If you have actually never before offered a command also line interface prior to, you could desire to ask a tech-savvy frifinish for help. I take no obligation for the outcome of this. If you fry your hardware in the process, that"s on you. Good luck!


Open the Terminal application. You deserve to find it by browsing Spotlight for "Terminal" (sans quotes).In Terminal, kind diskutil list and hit enter.Look at the results and determine the identifier of your taracquire USB drive. It will certainly look choose this: /dev/diskX. If you have actually only one outside drive associated, this need to be simple to number out (hint: behind the identifier it says (interior, ...) or (exterior, ...)).Run the adhering to command also to reformat your USB drive: diskutil partitionDisk /dev/diskX 1 MBR fat32 NAME 8G. Relocation /dev/diskX with the identifier of your drive which you derived in the previous action. Rearea NAME with the name you desire to give the partition (which basically doesn"t matter). Make it all CAPS to prevent problems. Replace 8 in 8G through the variety of Gigabytes you want your partition to have actually. It"s most basic to just go through the complete dimension of your USB drive.Wait for it to complete.Verify the output. The end of the command"s output should show the formatting of your drive. You must view 2 DeviceNodes: 0, of form FDisk_partition_scheme, and also 1, of type DOS_FAT_32 and through the identifier diskXs1 where X is a digit matching to the identifier you discovered in action 3.Run Boot Camp Assistant aget and also be happy because it ultimately works choose a charm.