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Users endure the error message “Video Game memory error. Please reboot and restart the game” when they try to launch GTA 5 on their computers. The heading of the error is “ERR_MEM_MULTIALLOC_FREE”. The heading can likewise differ computer system to computer. Players will just encounter this error message IF they are utilizing mods and also add-ons to enhance or customize their GTA 5 suffer.

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Video Game memory error. Please reboot and restart the game – GTA 5

This error message mostly signifies that the memory GTA 5 uses for its operation is either complete or has actually gone into an error state. Thus, it is unable to start. This occurs when the mods or add-ons you are using are either problematic, have a memory leak, or are conflicting via various other settings.

What reasons Game Memory Error in GTA 5?

This error message ‘mostly’ occurs if you are using add-ons or mods for your game. However before, you could likewise endure this due to other reasons as well. Let’s check out some of the major culprits which cause the GTA 5 to crash and retransforms an error message.

Improper mods/add-ons: Using third-party add-ons could be good for your game experience but they have actually their restrictions. One major one is that they can sometimes problem via the mechanism or crash the game.Bad GPU Drivers: Graphics motorists are the primary components which run the game. If they are outdated or corrupt, you will certainly not have the ability to play the game and also will be motivated via this message instead.DirectX: We also came across some reports wbelow the variation of DirectX had some impact on the game. If you have the incorrect variation, you will certainly not have the ability to launch the game.Wrong Video card options: If you have more than one video card on your computer (for example the incorporated card + a committed one), you need to make certain that the dedicated one is being offered.System in error state: Your computer system system (Windows) could be in an error state. A straightforward restart might help.

Before we start addressing the issue, make certain that you are logged in as an administrator on your account. In addition, you need to have an energetic open up internet link. Don’t usage any kind of type of firewall surfaces or proxy servers.

Systems 1: Power Cycling your System

Before obtaining into technicalities, it is constantly wise to power cycle your whole device. This will certainly remove any kind of incorrect configurations or any type of error state that any module in your computer is in. Power cycling indicates completely shutting dvery own your computer system and refounding it after all the power has been drained. This totally gets rid of your RAM and better pressures the system to develop all the momentary config records aobtain.

Turn off your computer system. Shut it dvery own properly.If you have a lapoptimal, take out the battery. If you have actually a PC, take out the main power supply and any kind of outside peripherals (excluding the mouse and keyboard).Now push and also hold the power switch for approximately 30 secs. This will pressure the static charge and excess power to obtain flumelted out.Now, wait for 3-5 minutes prior to turning whatever ago on. Try to launch the game and also check if the problem is refixed.

Solution 2: Changing GameConfig file

If you are making use of third-party mods/add-ons for your game, it is most likely that the game config file is either not working or is not compatible through your system. This is a very prevalent instance and also deserve to occur if you download the wrong config file. We will navigate to a website and relocation our config file with the correct variation.

Now select the search symbol current at the top-appropriate side of the screen and also kind ‘gameconfig’ in the dialogue box and press Enter to search.Searching for ‘gameconfig’Now pick the variation of the gameconfig file as highlighted in the photo (Gameconfig for Patch 1.0.877.1 1.0). You have the right to always select one more variation depending upon the version of the game which is installed.Downloading brand-new GameConfig fileLaunching OpenIV – GTA VNow in OPENIV, navigate to the following course making use of the attend to bar. Make sure that you are in the GTA V catalog.

Mods > upday > update.rpf > widespread > dataClick on Edit mode current at the deal with bar. Make sure that you press Yes when motivated.Now copy the gameconfig file from the file we just downpack to this area. After doing all the operations, save transforms and also leave.

Replacing GameConfig file utilizing OpenIV – GTA VNow try launching the game and also view if the error message went away.

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Systems 3: Changing GTA 5 Command also Line

GTA 5 also has actually the feature of the command line from wright here you deserve to add the commands you would certainly choose to execute on the game’s startup. This is a text file which is current in the root magazine of the game. If you have actually a negative command line (like –ignoreDifferentVideoCard), then the game will certainly not launch. We will adjust the command line and see wbelow this takes us.

Navigate to the magazine where GTA 5 is mounted on your computer system. Make certain that you are at the root brochure of the installation.Now search for the text file ‘commandline.txt’. If it is not current, right-click on any type of empty space and pick New > Text Document.Once you have actually opened the command also line, search for the command also ‘–ignoreDifferentVideoCard’. If it is current, delete Removing command from GTA V command also lineSave the brand-new message file and restart your computer. Now try launching the game again and inspect if the error message is resolved.

Equipment 4: Changing DirectX Version

After our research, we came across several different instances wright here users were unable to launch their game utilizing DirectX 11. However, they were able to execute so via DirectX 10. This is absurd since DirectX 11 is the successor to DirectX 10 and 10.1 and also has actually all the choices existing in the previous variation. Here are some of the stats which we noted:

DirectX 11 (with or without MSAA): Video Game crashes in 5-10 minutes

DirectX 10.1 (via MSAA): Game crashes in 5-10 minutes

DirectX 10.1 (without MSAA): Game doesn’t crash at all.

Changing Version of DirectX – GTA V

You can open up the GTA 5 food selection and also navigate to Graphics > DirectX Version. From there you deserve to choose the version of DirectX and also readjust the settings of MSAA.

Change the variation and restart your computer system. Now launch the game again and inspect if the error is reresolved.

Solution 5: Reinstalling Graphics Drivers making use of DDU

If all the over approaches don’t job-related, it is feasible that the graphics motorists set up on your computer are outdated or corrupt. Thus, the game is unable to launch correctly and also prompts you this error. We will attempt to reinstall the graphics chauffeurs utilizing Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU) and examine if this solves the difficulty for us.

Downloading graphics driversAfter you have downloaded the vehicle drivers to an obtainable area, downfill the DDU energy.After launching the DDU, pick the first alternative “Clean and restart”. This will uninstall the present motorists totally from your computer system.Uninstalling Current Graphics Drivers – DDUNow you have the right to attempt launching the game prior to installing the vehicle drivers aobtain. If it doesn’t work-related, install the motorists you just downloaded and also rebegin your computer aobtain. Now inspect if the error is resolved.

Solution 6: Reinstalling the Game

If whatever doesn’t occupational, the game set up on your computer is corrupted. We will certainly attempt at reinstalling it and check if this solves the worry. Make sure that your progress is backed up over the cloud or over your GTA 5 account so you deserve to easily resume when we reinstall the whole thing.

Press Windows + I to launch the Settings and choose the category of Apps.Now search for the complying with two entries:

Rockstar Games Social ClubGrand Theft Auto VUninstall both the entries one by one.

Uninstalling GTA VAfter you have uninstalled the programs, rebegin your computer. Now you have the right to either downpack the whole game aacquire or if you already have a downloaded variation, you deserve to install the game from tright here.

Note: If you are enduring the error message just through one installation, you need to adjust the downloaded game via a fresh one.

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Fix: Video Game Memory Error GTA 5 ‘ERR_MEM_MULTIALLOC_FREE’

If the issue is via your Computer or a Lappeak you have to attempt using Restoro which can shave the right to the repositories and also relocation corrupt and missing records. This functions in a lot of cases, where the worry is originated as a result of a mechanism corruption. You can downpack Restoro by clicking the Download button listed below.