Geforce experience unable to open share

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Nvidia’s ShadowPlay is thought about among the best applications to record and transmit gameplay. With ShadowPlay, you can capture precious moments from the game and share them instantly with your friends.

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However before, some individuals have difficulties making use of the NVidia GeForce Share feature. You will certainly watch the error message “GeForce Experience could not open up the share” eextremely time you click Share in the GeForce Experience application. This likewise happens if you have actually activated the Share function in the settings. Some users noticed that the sharing feature was disabled in the settings, yet allowing it didn’t assist bereason they witnessed the error message “It didn’t work, try restarting your system”. The necessary point is that you cannot use the GeForce Experience Share function.

So exactly how can you deal with the NVidia GeForce experience that is not able to settle link problems? If you have no idea, don’t issue, we’re below to assist you.

Uninstall the present Geforce Experience application

Driver records have to constantly be unmounted before upgrading to new chauffeurs or as soon as removing an old NVIDIA card and also replacing it through a brand-new one. To uninstall your present NVIDIA screen chauffeurs from your mechanism, execute the following:

April 2021 Update:

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Tip 2 : Click “Start Scan” to uncover Windows registry problems that could be bring about COMPUTER problems.Step 3 : Click “Repair All” to fix all problems.


1) Go to your Control Panel.2) Double-click on the Software symbol.3) Select NVIDIA Windows display chauffeurs from the list of programs.4) Click on the Modify/Rerelocate or Add/Rerelocate button.5) With Windows, confirm that you want to uninstall.

Note: You will certainly be asked if you want to delete all saved nView propapers. If you click Yes, all nView software application and also all your saved profiles will be deleted.

If you click No, the nView software program is deleted, but the profile documents are stored in the Windows {nView directory on your tough disk. If you take advantage of nView prorecords, you deserve to store your custom nView propapers.

Once the driver papers are uninstalled, Windows prompts you to restart your computer to finish the uninstallation.

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Start the application directly from the installation catalog.

If you have the right to no much longer open the Nvidia Control Panel on your COMPUTER, you deserve to fix this problem by simply launching the application directly from the installation catalog. It’s rather easy to do and also you have the right to perform it by adhering to these steps:

Go to the C:Program FilesNVIDIA CorporationControl Panel client directory.Find and also run nvcplui.exe.

After that, the Nvidia regulate panel must start without any kind of difficulty. If you wish, you deserve to produce a shortreduced to this application on your desktop and conveniently start the Nvidia manage panel.

Editing organize files


This solution is among the advanced and technological possibilities wbelow we readjust the IP address of a organize. This strategy calls for technological experience at a particular level. We therefore recommend that beginners perform not attempt it if they have no principle.

Step 1: Follow the mentioned path to open up the wanted folder:


Step 2: Open the organize in Notepad.

Tip 3: Before you modify the IP attend to, produce a backup of easily accessible text and Change the neighborhood hold IP resolve from “” to “” or rerelocate “x.x.x.x” localorganize.

Step 4: If you can’t modify it, you have the right to copy and also paste it somewhere else, then paste it again.

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Step 5: Open GeForce and also check the difficulty through tiworker.exe Windows 10 solved or not. Click here to troubleshoot Windows errors and also optimize mechanism performance