Google chrome print screen blank

With the release of Build 80 of Google Chrome, we have actually checked out the occasional problem reported that Previewing a Report or Document in 15 is returning a empty web page instead of the data to be published.

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We have actually found that this is related to the ‘Safe Browsing’ alternative being allowed in Google Chrome, where a PDF file mirrors up as a empty record. This additionally occurs on various other websites that attach to PDF records.

This setting can be uncovered right here in Google Chrome:

Privacy and also Security > More > Safe Browsing

By disabling this regulate, we have the right to confirm that the issue was reresolved and customers were able to preview their reports from as soon as aobtain.


Please note, this is an problem via Chrome Build 80 and is as a result of be reresolved through the release of Chrome Build 81 which is as a result of be released on the 17th of March.

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Switching to another web browser is additionally an additional option.

Chrome have actually released a patch to fix this concern. Go to Options -> Help -> About Google Chrome and an update must be mounted just by opening this page. Follow the instructions and the problem have to be fixed.

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If you are still having issues through this please contact the Support team at support or call +61 7 3392 4777.

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