Gopro hero 5 sd card slot

Popular activity cams GoPro Hero 5 Black and also Hero 5 Session use micro SD memory cards to store videos and also still images. In this post we’ll offer references to aid you find the finest memory card. Everypoint listed below additionally uses to even more recent models choose the Hero 6 Black and GoPro’s 2018 offerings Hero 7 Black, Hero 7 Silver and Hero 7 White.

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Hero 5 Babsence / Hero 5 Session / Hero 6 / Hero 7 – Maximum Memory Card Capacity

For all present Heros, GoPro lists 128GB as the maximum usable memory card. Larger cards (256GB and also 400GB) might likewise work.

Tip: If your memory card is not known by the GoPro Hero, try formatting it in cam. To perform so, open the menu by sliding down from the top of the screen, tap Preferences, scroll dvery own to the Reset section and choose Format SD Card.

Hero 5 Babsence / Hero 5 Session / Hero 6 / Hero 7 – Inserting memory cards

Hero 5 Babsence, Hero 6 and Hero 7 Black have actually the memory card slot on the camera’s underside next to the battery. Insert the card so that the contacts point dvery own and the published side deals with the battery:


With the Hero Session / Hero 5 Session, the card is inserted right into a compartment at the left side of the cam body next to the USB port:


Same applies to the Hero 7 Silver and Hero 7 White. Both camages carry out not have the Hero 7 Black’s removable battery and are lacking the cover on the underside of the body.

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Hero 5 Black / Hero 5 Session / Hero 6 / Hero 7 – Memory Cards for 4K Video

All recent GoPro action cams will record video with a maximum resolution of 4K, i.e. with 3.840 x 2.160 Pixels. Exceptions are the Hero 2018, the Hero 5 Session, the Hero Session and also the Hero 7 White which will only record 1.440p video. GoPro mostly recommends making use of a card of speed class U3 (occasionally additionally designated V30 or Class 30). Those cards are fast sufficient and will not slow the video camera down when shooting 4K video and also high FPS photo sequences.

4K video consumes up to 500 – 800 MB of memory per minute. You must use a card through at least 64 GB capacity which will certainly offer enough room for at leastern one hour to ninety minutes of video plus room to spare for still images, time lapse recordings etc.

Our standing recommendation is the Sandisk Extreme U3 / V30 through 64 GB (click image for pricing and availability):


Memory cards for GoPro Hero 5 Black / Hero 5 Session / Hero 6 / Hero 7 at Amazon

If you only arrangement to document Full HD video (1.920 x 1.080 Pixels), a slower and cheaper card deserve to be provided. Our reference for this scenario would be the Sandisk Ultra Class 10.

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UHS-II Cards for GoPro Hero / Hero Session / Hero 6 / Hero 7

UHS-II cards cost choose 3-4 times as a lot as the standard UHS-I card recommended over. While those cards perform work in a GoPro Hero, the cam does not usage the quicker UHS-II interface and will certainly proceed to document at UHS-I speeds.

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