Gta 5 crash on loading screen

I have actually a copy of Grand Theft Auto IV on Steam. When I begin it, whatever is fine: it tons and I can push "Play". However before, the game crashes directly to the desktop—without any error message—around 5 seconds after the loading screen comes up.

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I"ve tried reinstalling the game, redownloading and install the game, deleting all mods, and also trying to uncover all the original files from the game on Steam, yet nothing"s functioned.

What deserve to I execute to solve this?



I recommfinish verifying the game cache.. Its possible you are absent files.

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To verify cache, right click the heavy steam game in the list, properties, Local documents tab and also discover the verify cache button. Click it and wait till it finishes.

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It will downpack any type of corrupted/lacking files.

As for the other stuff, it was too lengthy back to remember.


I"d attempt this (from the COMPUTER Wiki, GTA IV article):

Tbelow is an worry in which the Steam Version of the game (And perhaps non-steam) will certainly fail to begin. The Rockstar Social club login pops up, but after you authorize in, or go offline, the game falls short to begin. This is resulted in by an out of day vivaworldcup.infos for Windows Live Client. You deserve to downfill the client below. You may have to start run this routine each time you desire to play.

Unfortunately, but, updating the client might not be the just concern avoiding you from logging in to Games for Windows Live. It can also be a trouble with your MTU dimension. To recognize what your MTU size is, open a cmd window (click Start, form cmd, push enter). Once in the cmd window, enter the adhering to command:

C:>netsh interchallenge ipv4 present interfaces

This will certainly show you the MTU dimension presently collection for all of your netjob-related interencounters. For your account to have the ability to log in, the MTU size have to be set to 1500. If it is not, a quick settle is to simply force the readjust in with:

C:>netsh interface ipv4 set subinterconfront "Local Area Connection" mtu=1500 store=persistent

Assuming, of course, that "Local Area Connection" is the name of your network-related interchallenge. Keep in mind that even though we set "store=persistent", this change will not be permanent and also will certainly be shed on reboot.

If the game tons as a procedure under Task Manager, however disappears after a while, run GTAIV.exe under compatibility mode for Windows XP SP3 or greater. In Windows 7, this can be uncovered under the Programs tab of the Control Panel.