Gta v crashes after rockstar logo

Grand Theft Auto V is an action-adventure video game occurred by Rockstar North and also published by Rockstar Games. It was released in September 2013 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, in November 2014 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and in April 2015 for Microsoft Windows.

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Grand also Theft Auto V Cover

However before, quite recently many reports have actually been coming in of the game crashing at startup. This error persists whether you try to launch the game straight or even through the launcher. In this short article, we will tell you some of the reasons as a result of which this error can be prompted and also carry out you through viable services to deal with the trouble.

What Causes the GTA V to Crash At Startup?

Unfortunately, the cause of the error cannot be mentioned but according to our reports some of the a lot of prevalent causes were:

Missing Files: It is possible that the game might be missing specific records or some files might have been corrupted. The game does not launch effectively if certain documents of the game are missing.Graphics Drivers: Sometimes, if the graphics card chauffeurs are not up to date it can cause worries through specific aspects of the game therefore causing constant crashes and also resulting in worries through the startup.Memory Leaks: Tbelow is a online memory on eincredibly difficult disk partition. This virtual memory acts as a short-lived RAM and processes the indevelopment prior to sending it to the RAM. If this memory is low it can reason frequent crashes or also cause issues through the startup.

Now that you have a basic knowledge of the reasons we will move on towards the services.

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Equipment 1: Verifying Game Files.

It is possible that the game can be missing particular documents or some records can have been corrupted. The game does not launch effectively if certain documents of the game are absent. Because of this, in this action, we are going to be verifying the game records and also make specific that the game papers are finish.

This process differs for the Steam Versions and the non-Steam versions of the game

For Non-Steam Versions:

Press “Windows+R” butloads on your key-board.Opening RunType “cmd” in the Run and also press enterNow Type “cd c:Program FilesRockstar GamesGrand Theft Auto V” and push Enter Note: If you have mounted the game to a different magazine type the address of the game installation folder.Typing in the commandNow type ” GTAVLauncher.exe-verify” and also press EnterThe game launcher will certainly now open and also start to verify the game records.After the papers are proved try to run the game

For Steam Versions: 

Launch Steam and also sign in to your accountGet in the library area and also RightClick on the gameRight-Clicking on the gameSelect PropertiesAfter that Click on the Local Files alternative and also click the “Verify the integrity of Video Game Cache” optionClicking on the Local Files optionThis will certainly take some time to verify after it is done try to run the game

Solution 2: Updating Graphics Drivers.

Sometimes, if the graphics card drivers are not as much as day it deserve to cause concerns via particular facets of the game thus resulting in frequent crashes and also leading to issues through the startup. Thus, we will be updating the graphics motorists to the latest ones in order to eradicate this problem.

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For Nvidia Users: 

Click on the Search bar on the left-hand also side of the taskbarSearch barType in Geforce Experience and also press enterClick on the first icon to open up the applicationOpening Geforce ExperienceAfter signing in, Click on the “Drivers” choice on the peak leftClicking on DriversIn that Tab, Click on the “Check for Updates” choice on the height rightClicking on Check for UpdatesAfter that, the application will certainly check if brand-new updates are availableIf the updays are easily accessible a “Download” button will appearClick on the Downfill buttonOnce you click on that the driver will certainly start to downloadAfter the Driver is downloaded the application will offer you the alternative for “Express” or “Custom” installation.Click on the “Express” installation option and also the Driver will certainly automatically be installedSelecting Express InstallationNow try to Run the game

For AMD Users: 

RightClick on the Desktop and choose AMD Radeon SettingsOpening Radeon SettingsIn the Settings, click on Updates in the reduced right cornerNew Updays OptionClick on “Check For Updates”Checking for UpdatesIf a brand-new update is available a new choice will certainly appearClick on the option and also select UpdateClicking on New and also UpdateThe AMD installer will start, click on UpgradeClicking on Upgrade in the AMD installerThe installer will certainly currently obtain the package all set, check all the boxes and click on InstallUpdating DriverThis will now download the new driver and also install it automaticallyRestart your computer system and try to run the game.

Systems 3: Increasing Virtual memory

Tbelow is a digital memory on eincredibly tough disk partition. This digital memory acts as a short-term RAM and also processes the indevelopment prior to sending it to the RAM. If this memory is low it deserve to cause constant crashes or even cause worries through the startup. Therefore, in this action, we will certainly be enhancing the virtual memory for which

Press the “Windows+R” butloads to open up the Run PromptType “systempropertiesadvanced” in the Run Prompt.Typing the command also in RUNUnder the Performance heading, click on “Settings”Opening “Settings”Now in the Performance Options, click on the “Change” alternative under the “Advanced” TabClicking on ChangeUnexamine the “Automatically Manage Page Filing for All Drives” optionUncheckingCheck the “Set Manually” box and type in “4096” in the “Initial Size” alternative and also “8192” in the “Final size” choice.Changing the paging sizeClick on “OK” and Apply your SettingsRestart your computer for the settings to take impact and also try to run the game