Gta v freezes every few seconds

Yes, it"s a RAM limitation for me though with 8GB. Adding a page file on my SSD largely reresolved the issue; how much RAM execute you have?


Yes there"s shader compiling going on and it"s freezing for around 10 secs each time. Not sure just how to bypass it


Yes, it"s a RAM limitation for me though via 8GB. Adding a web page file on my SSD mostly reresolved the issue; just how a lot RAM carry out you have?

16gig, not an concern tbelow.

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Please if anyone finds out a possible fix please let me know and i"ll carry out the same.

Same trouble, have no principle what to do. 8 GB RAM and also SSD.

I deserve to hear sound yet screen freeze for few seconds also in cutscenes - deserve to hear sound but display screen freeze

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My game keeps freezing to. I lowered many of the graphics settings yet still get freezing. I tried a reduced resolution but still freezes.


Do the locked settings impact the game also once locked?


CPU: i5-4690K 3.5ghz

GPU: GTX 980

RAM: 16gb

OS: Windows 7

True, assisted me!


But I also make some space on my ssd and also currently I have actually 200 GB free room of 500, once problem occured I had like only 30 gb of complimentary space. Anymethod for last 30 min 0 freezes I"ll save testing



Dx12 still freezing however less than volcano

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Same concern right here. I have actually i5-6600k, 1070gtx, RAM, Samsung 970 EVO m.2 SSD and newest nvidia chauffeurs + newest home windows updays set up. I"ve tried to switch from VULKAN to DX12 and there was no distinction on this concern.

game keeps freezing up eextremely couple secs on me as well, managed to obtain to chapter 2 and now whenever i undertaking exterior the camp the game crashes

i switched game from vulhave the right to to DX12 and game no much longer crashes, still gain the occasional framefprice stutter but otherwise its playable

Yeah, I"m acquiring freezes constantly, this actually makes the game borderline unplayable. Its fine for the initially few minutes after booting the game up, however after that the game gets significantly worse and worse until I obtain a freeze that lasts 5 seconds eexceptionally 3 or 4 secs. Tried a variety of settings, and also DX12 seems to slow the buildup, yet after a while it doesn"t make much difference in comparichild to Vulkan. I"d rather have actually stable 20 FPS than address this garbage.


i switched game from vulcan to DX12 and also game no much longer crashes, still get the occasional framefrate stutter but otherwise its playable

Switching to DX12 doesn"t seem to make much difference for me, it looks favor it runs much better yet sooner or later it will certainly begin freezing anymeans...

Same! I"ve tried whatever and also for me the continuous issue that I"ll crash at any kind of time really damages the experience/immersion.

I have the very same freezing problem. (It freezes about eincredibly 45 min.) It"s exceptionally frustrating since the only course of action shows up to be control-Alt-Del and finish the procedure (which is not responding). Since there deserve to be lengthy periods without a conserve, you deserve to have to repeat the majority of the game. 


I have actually tried a lot of suggestions....

1) Reducing graphic settings

2)Switching from Volhave the right to to DX12

3) Having my antiviral software ignor RDR2.exe.

4)Making the launcher and also club "Run as administrator" compatible. (If I adjusted RDR2.exe to "run as admin", the regimen will certainly not launch.) 


My computer...

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Windows 7 skilled, , 16GB DDR4, 

GeForce GTX 1070


Any aid would certainly be appreciated.

I had/have actually this, for me it was related to my CPU hitting 100% - I downloaded and also run Process Lasso that kinda sorted this worry out - see following thread/short article..



It"s a little sh*te that I need to run a 3rd party app to be able to acquire this game running.



This video defines some difficulties via the CPU performance of this game: short there is a pest pertained to reaching framework cap. On some cases raising graphic settings deserve to help to minimize high frametimes and also stutters..

Same problem RTX 2060 6GB, i5-6500K and 16 GB RAM... Changing from Vulkan to Dx12 helped a ton but it still happens eincredibly currently and than... I wouldn"t mind it that a lot if I play SP, however I bought it on PC greatly to play online via my friends and also freezes are causing disconnects for me virtually eincredibly god damn time. The game freezes for 5-10 seconds than unfreeze and after 5 secs of running I gain disconnected, I am pretty sure it"s because of the freezeing.

I am well over minimum requairments and this shouldn"t take place. I am hoping for a quick settle from R*, nopoint else will certainly aid it appears.

There’s the process lasso trick you can try - yet it’s a faf that ought not be vital.

with an i5 and Nvidia GPU weirdly I discovered altering to Vulkan made the stutter freezes much less prominent - R* are going to have to action up for this one.

Same thing for me. I"ve tried utilizing BES to reduced CPU intake, but the trouble is still tright here.It"s exceptionally tough to play choose this...i5-4460k16GB RAMGame on HDDGTX 1080

I ran a benchmark on settings I"ve been running the game and also it was max 87 FPS and also average 69 FPS. So I"ve tried to take some weight from processor by lowering FPS (some one argued it below I believe) through greater graphic settings and also I have some unexpected results. With everythin on High settings and textures on Ultra, I am obtaining max 70 and also average 55 FPS and the freezes have actually been lessened to around fifty percent as many type of and also half the duration than prior to. Tested it only in RDO tho, yet it have to be the very same in SP. The finest part for me is that even when the game freezes in RDO I am no longer being disconnected cos of that.


Update: So, after latest patch I am earlier to wbelow I was before I regulated to somewhat solved it as discussed over. Back to 5-8 secs freezning and disconnecting from virtual eextremely god damn time.

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No metter what I do eextremely so regularly the game freezes, I can"t hear my friends on discord and they can"t hear me, once it unfreezes, game disconnects me with Error finishing 0006.