Gta v memory leak fix

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Hello all,As you can check out in this video, GTAV has a negative memory leak difficulty wbelow assets continue to pack in however old information does not get purged eventually bring about terrible performance as a result of swap/compushing ram. You have the right to check out it here: GPD Victory 2 - GTA 5 - Grand Theft Auto 5 GTA V (Max Ram Used) - YouTube

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Apologies.OS: Windows 10 Build 1709CPU: M3-7Y30RAM: 8GB Dual Channel 1866mhz LPDDR3System: GPD WIn 2

Hello Phawx Thank you for joining the vivaworldcup.infoCloud you administer us with the DxDiag* reportUse the win logo vital +R Type DxDiag then "OK"Use the "conserve all the information" option Save the file to your desktop Please affix the .txt file to the threadThe application that you are using to measure the intake while playing?Could you try to run the game via minimum graphics settings? What is the outcome?Have you tried to usage the OEM graphic drivers?Regards,Leonarperform C.

Attached dxdiag report.I am using rivatuner via hwdetails to screen the diagnostics on screen.I deserve to just run the game at lowest settings. In certain, in this video I"ve likewise disabled shadows.The stuttering will certainly have in the latest 4 15.60 motorists.

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Hello PhawxThank for your response and also the indevelopment gave, In various other to do more research study on this situation could you fill up the details on the following link /thread/77761 Regards, Leonarperform C.
Hello Phawx I was checking your situation and also would choose to recognize if you need further assist. If so, please execute not hesitate in replying back. Regards,Leonardo C.

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I had this concern a while earlier and also I discovered a method to fix it by editing and enhancing the regisattempt. The motorists have a method to report assorted quantities of VRAM to the system to deal with problematic games and also to readjust the amount of VRAM reported, you need to adjust the registry. What GTA V does prior to the settle, is that it looks at the complete amount of mutual VRAM that it have the right to usage. On my system through 8GB of ram, it"s 4GB. You can watch it here in this image that it identifies 4030MB of common VRAM complete that it can use.My THEORY (not 100% sure and may be 100% wrong) is that GTA V tries to take benefit of all that VRAM by caching textures right into the VRAM. Let"s say you drive right into Paleto Bay. The game tons that area"s textures right into VRAM, then when you drive ameans from Paleto Bay, the game keeps those textures in the VRAM so that if you drive ago tright here, it does not have to pack the textures from the Hard Drive or SSD aobtain. With time, this adds up and inevitably it will fill up that 4GB that it detects and also thinks it has to usage. Combine 4GB of VRAM usage and also the normal RAM usage from GTA V + Windows + Any Background Applications and also your RAM will certainly more than likely run out incredibly quickly. AGAIN, I am not certain if any kind of of that is actually true but I do understand that this concern is actual.After the fix, the game identifies 2GB of VRAM (which is what I collection it to). In this situation, the game still caches textures, yet not as much as when it assumed it had actually 4GB of VRAM. This setup for me maintained RAM consumption approximately 6-7GB for me which made the game playable aget.I"ve attached 4 records to this post. A "Fix" file to use the 2GB settle, and also a "Revert" file to revert the transforms back to default. This resolve assumes that you have actually 8GB of RAM OR better. I have actually 2 separate records to set the VRAM to 1GB and also 512MB if you have actually less RAM or the 2GB fix doesn"t work for you. The 512MB settle probably will certainly not also attempt to cache textures so you might experience textures popping in and out. BTW if this screws up your mechanism, I am NOT RESPONSIBLE for anything that goes wrong with it. Do this at your own danger. It shouldn"t cause any troubles and also I extremely doubt that it will certainly yet if it does go wrong, I am not responsible for your device.