Gta v pc frame drops

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So I freshly bought GTA 5, which i wish had actually some kind of trial variation or the choice to rerevolve if something went wrong, yet it didn"t. I enjoy the story, however the random fps drops are getting really annoying. I tried some techniques i discovered online which I tried: lowering settings, boosting priority of the game on procedure manager, locking fps to 60fps. I uncover this stvariety bereason tbelow are some pc that have actually lower specs and have the right to run the game at a consistant structure price.

At High settings, my pc is at an average of 80+ frames as soon as the fps doesnt drop.

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At Ultra settings, my pc is at an average of 60+ fps.

Yet at random times, everything freezes in the game and then continues and also i view on the fps respond to 4+ fps. Once in a while it only goes down to 20+fps.



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49 months ago1 point

So I recently bought GTA 5, which i wish had actually some sort of trial version or the choice to rerevolve if something went wrong

Tbelow is on steam.

submitter49 months ago1 point

tright here is what. you highlighted 2 components of that segment. trial variation and returning.

submitter49 months ago1 point

are you serious? bereason when i bought it on heavy steam, it gave a cd code, then i installed it on heavy steam and also as soon as i was about to redeem it, somewhere about the moment wright here i had to put the code in, it said that when reunderstood, it can"t be reverted because the code is bound to the account forever. if i didn"t redeem it, i couldn"t play at all. did i miss out on somepoint choose a skip to play story only? oh well. i already put 15+ hrs right into the story mode so also late currently.


49 months ago1 point

GTA V doesn"t qualify for the remoney regimen, if I"m not mistaken.

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49 months ago1 point

yea that"s correct. Tright here are a few exceptions if you go a BIT over that number, however as a whole, it"s 2 hrs.

submitter49 months ago1 point

no i don"t have frame scaling on.

submitter49 months ago1 point

hdd. might that be the reason?

49 months ago2 points

Grand also Theft Auto V doesn"t really choke tough on a tough drive. The issue at hand also is most likely related to the CPU side of points.

submitter49 months ago1 point

alideal. thx.

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