Gta v redux game memory error


If you are a player of GTA 5, you can have encountered the game memory error during gameplay. In order to aid customers to solve the problem efficiently, MiniTool Partition Wizard creates this tutorial wright here several remedies are noted. Hope you deserve to advantage from this post.

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The memory error is a prevalent worry pertained to video games favor GTA 5 (Grand also Theft Auto V). Plenty players have reported GTA 5 out of game memory problem on the forum and also are seeking for options.

According to the reports, this error comes up with an error message “Out of game memory. Please reboot and also restart the game.” and an error code ERR_MEM_EMBEDDEDALLOC_ALLOC. But in some various other situations, the message and also code could be various, such as ERR_MEM_MULTIALLOC_FREE – Video Game memory error. Please reboot and restart the game.


The GTA 5 game memory error typically occurs while trying to launch the game on your computer. If you are struggling via this worry unfortunately, don’t panic. Here are some techniques that might assist you out of trouble. Just occupational your way dvery own the list.


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Fix 1: Power Cycle Your Computer

As the error message prompts, you deserve to attempt rebooting your computer and also then launching the game aacquire, which have the right to deal with the game memory error in a lot of cases. But if a straightforward rebegin doesn’t help, probably you can power cycle your computer system. In this method, your computer system deserve to rerelocate any kind of incorrect configurations and also re-produce all the temporary config records.

To power cycle, you need to:

Shut your computer system dvery own appropriately.Rerelocate the primary power supply and disconnect any type of outside peripherals favor mouse and keyboard.Press and organize the power switch for about 30 secs to flush out the static charge and excess power.Reconnect the outside gadgets and start your computer system.

After that, attempt launching the game again and check if GTA 5 out of game memory worry is resolved.

Fix 2: Modify GTA 5 Command also Line

GTA 5 comes with a command also line text file which allows individuals to include regulates to execute on the startup of game according to their preferences. It has actually been prcooktop that a details command line inside could proccasion the game from launching properly and also cause the GTA 5 out of memory error.

To resolve the problem, you have the right to follow the instructions below to remove the bad command line.

Step 1: Open Data Explorer and go to the installation folder of your GTA 5.

Tip 2: Locate the text document called commandline and also double-click it to open up it. If tbelow are as well many records, you have the right to usage Data Explorer search attribute to find the file quickly.

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Step 3: Search for the command –ignoreDifferentVideoCard and also rerelocate it. Then, conserve the new message file and reboot your tool.

After that, you have the right to launch the game and also examine if the memory issue is reresolved. If this error shows up aobtain or there’s no such a command line, you deserve to relocate on to the following solution.

Fix 3: Use Another DirectX Version

In some situations, players fail to launch GTA 5 because of the memory error once they are using DirectX 11, however they deserve to open up the game without any type of problems utilizing DirectX 10. So, if you are making use of DirectX 11, don’t hesitate adjust the DirectX version. Besides, the MSAA may likewise result in certain problems and also you must disable it at the very same time.

You just must open the SETTINGS food selection of GTA 5 and also select Graphics section. Click DirectX Version and also select DirectX 10. Then, set the value of MASS as Off to disable it.


Once it’s done, restart your computer system and launch the game. Hopetotally, the GTA 5 out of memory concern will certainly disshow up.

Fix 4: Update Your Graphics Driver

In enhancement, outdated or corrupted graphic driver could additionally a aspect that reasons GTA 5 out of game memory worry. Thus, it can be advantageous to upday your graphics driver. You can make it in Device Manager.

Tip 1: Right-click the Start button and also select Device Manager to open it.

Tip 2: Expand the Display adapters category, right-click your graphics driver and select Update driver.


Tip 3: Choose Search immediately for updated driver software option and also then follow the instructions on the display to install any obtainable updays for your driver.

Alternatively, you have the right to visit the manufacturer’s website to download the latest updays and install them manually. You deserve to likewise update your driver by reinstalling it or with a third-party regimen. To gain even more information about exactly how to upday graphics driver, you can inspect this tutorial: How to Update Graphics Card Drivers (NVIDIA/AMD/Intel)?

Fix 5: Reinstall GTA 5

If all the above methods fail to deal with GTA 5 game memory error for you, perhaps the installation data of the game is corrupted and you should reinstall it. Make certain you’ve backed up your game process and also then go to uninstall both Grand Theft Auto V and also Rockstar Gamings Social Club.

After that, rebegin your computer, download the latest variation of the game from the official webwebsite, and install the game from this brand-new package.



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