Hard drive with windows preinstalled

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I am developing my initially develop and also am wanting to use my old 1Tb HDD on my build for media / records storage. Have checked out a couple of threads through this question however the HDD is running Windows 7, pre installed from the retailer, and I am wanting to use the brand-new OS (W10) on the M.2 drive on my brand-new develop. I am acquiring a standalone copy of Windows 10 to install on the M.2 drive however am worried that I may run right into problems hooking up a HDD via a various OS once I have acquired the brand-new system up and also running. Would my finest choice be to uninstall home windows 7 on my existing HDD prior to moving it over and also wait til I have actually my device running through the new OS on the brand-new M.2 drive?Thanks!

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